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03/22/2018 03:30 PM STATE AFFAIRS

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        HB 31-SEX ASSAULT TRAINING & EXAM KITS; DOM VIOL                                                                    
4:37:09 PM                                                                                                                    
CHAIR MEYER announced the consideration of HB 31.                                                                               
4:37:33 PM                                                                                                                    
At ease.                                                                                                                        
4:38:21 PM                                                                                                                    
CHAIR MEYER called the committee back to order.                                                                                 
4:38:42 PM                                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE GERAN TARR, Alaska State Legislature, Juneau,                                                                    
Alaska, sponsor of HB 31, provided an overview as follows:                                                                      
     We have  been working on  the issues related to  how we                                                                    
     process  our  sexual  assault kits  for  the  last  few                                                                    
     years,  starting in  2014  when I  was  contacted by  a                                                                    
     national organization called "End  The Backlog," and it                                                                    
     was an issue  that I was not familiar  with but through                                                                    
     their  organization  learned   about  this  effort  and                                                                    
     basically  across the  country there  are these  sexual                                                                    
     assault  kits  that have  not  been  tested, there's  a                                                                    
     variety of  reasons that's been  the case in  the past,                                                                    
     but  it's  been thousands  and  thousands  of kits  and                                                                    
     there's become a movement around  reforming how we deal                                                                    
     with these  kits and  basically using it  as a  tool to                                                                    
     address serial  sexual assaulters and that  is what has                                                                    
     been found to be very helpful in accomplishing.                                                                            
     We started  out with  a bill related  to an  audit that                                                                    
     was the  first piece of  information that we  needed to                                                                    
     try  and  understand  the  extent  of  the  problem  in                                                                    
     Alaska.  At the  same  time the  Federal Department  of                                                                    
     Justice  started  offering  some  grants  because  this                                                                    
     issue  took  on a  national  impact  and so  they  were                                                                    
           offering  these  grants   so  then  at  that  time  the                                                              
           governor's  office applied  for  one of  the  grants so                                                              
           there  are kind of  two things happening  at once then,                                                              
           once  those grant dollars  were received by  the state,                                                              
           the  Sexual Assault  Kit Initiative  (SAKI)  was formed                                                              
           and we  have been working closely  with them and trying                                                              
           to  unravel where the  problems are in  Alaska and what                                                              
           we  can do to  address those issues.  There are several                                                              
           different  things that  we could choose  to work  on at                                                              
           this  time, but  we  have confined  it to  a  few items                                                              
           right  now because  these are things  that we  can make                                                              
           changes  to  pretty  immediately  and continue  working                                                              
           with the SAKI for  more long term changes that we think                                                              
           will  result in  a  much better  system  that functions                                                              
           well and makes sure it keeps the public safe.                                                                        
      4:40:50 PM                                                                                                              
      REPRESENTATIVE TARR explained the bill's components as follows:                                                           
           This  particular bill  addresses three  components. One                                                              
           is  the audit  and that piece  was thankfully  put into                                                              
           Senate  Bill 55, so  we got  the first audit  last year                                                              
           but it  continues and has that same  provision in it so                                                              
           that we  can get an annual update of  the status of the                                                              
           kits  and  the progress  in  Alaska, and  that  audit I                                                              
           would say  was really helpful for  us this year because                                                              
           what it did was  help us define sort of the universe of                                                              
           untested kits,  how many are out  there, where are they                                                              
           and kind of get  everybody on the same page because now                                                              
           we  can actually  come up  with a  plan  of how  we are                                                              
           going to address  the backlog of untested kits. So, the                                                              
           audit  provision   remains,  and  I   think  that's  an                                                              
           important  way  for  the  state  to  get  updated,  the                                                              
           Legislature  to get updated  on the progress  and on an                                                              
           annual basis have a  number that we are working off of,                                                              
           so  we  know  progress  is  being  made.  We've  worked                                                              
           closely  with the department  on that provision  and my                                                              
           understanding  is that  they  feel like  that  could be                                                              
           easily implemented as  an ongoing thing that because we                                                              
           did  it through  Senate Bill  55:  again, thank  you to                                                              
           Senator    Coghill   for    that   last    year,   that                                                              
           infrastructure  is  in place  to  continue  that on  an                                                              
           annual  basis  and  at  some  point  that  may  not  be                                                              
           necessary,  but I think  it's going to  be a multi-year                                                              
           effort here  for us to continue to  working on this and                                                              
     it will  keep us getting accurate  information. So, one                                                                    
     piece is the audit.                                                                                                        
4:42:06 PM                                                                                                                    
She continued as follows:                                                                                                       
     A second  piece is  related to sexual  assault training                                                                    
     for law enforcement officials. Most  folks in Alaska go                                                                    
     through either the academy in  Anchorage or the trooper                                                                    
     academy unless  there is someone who  perhaps comes in,                                                                    
     does a lateral  transfer or something, but  most of our                                                                    
     folks are  going to come  through those  two academies,                                                                    
     but  right now  what the  statute says  is it  requires                                                                    
     that 12  hours for  training on domestic  violence, but                                                                    
     it  doesn't   specify  that  there  is   also  training                                                                    
     required on  sexual assault response, even  though that                                                                    
     is  happening   in  practice.  The   recommendation  to                                                                    
     include this  actually came in  from the folks  who are                                                                    
     working on  this, that way  it is clear that  it should                                                                    
     be  both domestic  violence and  sexual assault,  there                                                                    
     are  ways  that  those  can  be  the  same  information                                                                    
     because,  of  course,  a  domestic  violence  situation                                                                    
     could  involve a  sexual assault,  but  there are  also                                                                    
     instances where that  is different and what  we want to                                                                    
     ensure  that we  have a  good victim-centered  approach                                                                    
     and so that  if someone is assaulted  it doesn't matter                                                                    
     whether  it happened  in northern  Alaska or  southeast                                                                    
     Alaska,  that  there's going  to  be  a strong  victim-                                                                    
     centered approach  and that everybody  is going  to get                                                                    
     the same response and treatment.                                                                                           
4:43:17 PM                                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE TARR continued as follows:                                                                                       
     The third  provision is related  to the  actual options                                                                    
     for a  victim to report.  About a year ago  the Federal                                                                    
     Department of Justice released a  "white paper" on this                                                                    
     very provision and there's a  couple of ways to look at                                                                    
     this, and this sort of took  me a little bit to wrap my                                                                    
     head around because when you  start working on this and                                                                    
     see  what  some  of  the results  have  been  in  other                                                                    
     states, there's  a strong motivation to  say everything                                                                    
     single kit  needs to be tested  because that individual                                                                    
     could be a  dangerous criminal and we want  to get them                                                                    
     off of our streets; however,  we have to make sure that                                                                    
           we have a  victim-centered approach and it isn't always                                                              
           the  case  that   a  victim  wants  to  engage  in  law                                                              
           enforcement and so we  really do have to make sure that                                                              
           we have  an opportunity for them to  have the kit taken                                                              
           or evidence  collected because it  has to be  done in a                                                              
           timely fashion if it's  not done in about 72 hours then                                                              
           your  evidence  collection isn't  going  to be  useful.                                                              
           Unfortunately, you have  someone who just experienced a                                                              
           very  traumatic situation,  that has  to go  in  for an                                                              
           invasive  medical procedure to  do the  examination and                                                              
           collect  the evidence and  might not be  the right time                                                              
           for them to make  the decision about where they want to                                                              
           go, do they want  to pursue a case with law enforcement                                                              
           or  do they  want  to just  make sure  they  don't have                                                              
           health  issues  as  a  result  of  the assault  or  STD                                                              
           testing,  things  like  that.  Because  you  have  that                                                              
           limited window of  time when you can do the collection,                                                              
           having  a couple of  different options is  the best way                                                              
           to  make sure that  the individual who  experienced the                                                              
           assault can choose what works for them.                                                                              
           So,  what  we  put  in,  and  you will  notice  in  the                                                              
           original  version there  were actually  three different                                                              
           opportunities  for a  victim  and in  working  with the                                                              
           department  and through  the SAKI  that has  been going                                                              
           on, we've been  able to decide that this number-two can                                                              
           come  out  and  as you  look  at  it,  what looks  like                                                              
           number-three,  one  and three  would  be  the two  that                                                              
           remained, so  you would have the  option of getting the                                                              
           evidence  collected  and choosing  to  engage with  law                                                              
           enforcement  right at  that moment  and you  would have                                                              
           the  second  option of  an  anonymous  report and  that                                                              
           allows you  to choose at a later  date whether you want                                                              
           to engage with law  enforcement or not, and we are told                                                              
           that often the  individual does choose to move forward,                                                              
           but  needs  a  little  bit  of space  from  that  whole                                                              
           experience to  be able to get a  support network around                                                              
           them, but able to  work with the people who are trained                                                              
           to provide that  kind of response, the trauma response,                                                              
           and  once  they  feel  more  secure,  more  safe,  more                                                              
           stable, that they  know that that's something that they                                                              
           can  move forward with  then make that  choice, but you                                                              
           haven't missed that  window of opportunity when you can                                                              
           actually collect as  evidence that would be usable. So,                                                              
           those are the two options that are allowed for that.                                                                 
4:46:09 PM                                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE TARR summarized as follows:                                                                                      
     So,  those are  the three  parts that  are in  the bill                                                                    
     now. Some of the other  provisions that people may want                                                                    
     to consider in  the future are a  timeline within which                                                                    
     all of the  kits have to be tested, that  was one thing                                                                    
     we  considered.  Also, from  the  folks  who have  been                                                                    
     working  on this  nationally, they  are really  pushing                                                                    
     for a way for a victim  to be able to track where their                                                                    
     kit is, so that is  something that we might consider at                                                                    
     a later  date. So,  there are a  couple of  those other                                                                    
     pieces  out there  that you  may have  heard of  in the                                                                    
     conversation,  that's  why  I wanted  to  mention  them                                                                    
     today, but  these ones are  confined to the  items that                                                                    
     the  department  has said  they  can  do at  this  time                                                                    
     without a  fiscal impact which  is really  important to                                                                    
     the work we are all  trying to accomplish in developing                                                                    
     our sustainable fiscal plan, but  can be meaningful and                                                                    
     I think that  is really important. I  know that Senator                                                                    
     Meyer, and  I thank you  for your leadership  on sexual                                                                    
     assault  issues  and   always  acknowledging  April  as                                                                    
     Sexual Assault Awareness Month,  this is something that                                                                    
     we try to  work together on and so  I'm encouraged that                                                                    
     there is  an option here  where we can  make meaningful                                                                    
     changes  that could  have a  positive impact,  but also                                                                    
     aware of our  fiscal situation right now,  don't have a                                                                    
     big price tag attached to them.                                                                                            
4:47:20 PM                                                                                                                    
CHAIR MEYER asked if 3,400 kits remain untested.                                                                                
REPRESENTATIVE TARR  answered yes. She explained  that batches of                                                               
kits were  being sent out to  be tested, but there  was a backlog                                                               
in the  facilities that do  the testing  because a lot  of states                                                               
were trying  to move forward  as well. She conceded  that testing                                                               
will take  some time and  noted hundreds of thousands  of dollars                                                               
is needed for all the kits  to be tested. She said federal grants                                                               
dollars would  be used but noted  that an audit would  be helpful                                                               
to  assist  in  the  process. She  said  prosecutions  may  occur                                                               
because  of the  testing. She  stated that  the process  would be                                                               
ongoing, and her hope was that everyone will work together.                                                                     
4:49:01 PM                                                                                                                    
      CHAIR MEYER thanked Representative Tarr for her leadership in                                                             
      sexual assault exam kits. He continued as follows:                                                                        
           Often  times we  get asked what  are our  favorite bill                                                              
           that we ever got  passed and mine was when we were able                                                              
           to drop  the statute of limitations  on rape and sexual                                                              
           assault;  unfortunately, that was  in 2001 or  2002, so                                                              
           anything prior  to that we cannot  go after. With these                                                              
           kits and  with DNA, we are  able to go back  10, 15, 20                                                              
           years or more.                                                                                                       
      SENATOR WILSON asked if the legislation assists current practice                                                          
      and specified as follows:                                                                                                 
           During  my time  as a  director of  a DVSA  program, we                                                              
           started  a program in  the Mat-Su and  working with the                                                              
           SART  team there,  we  already had  these  protocols in                                                              
           place  in terms of  anonymous reporting, I  just didn't                                                              
           know  if that  was part  of the  statute. Is  this just                                                              
           needed to help  that, sort of? I'm trying to understand                                                              
           the  need  for anonymous  reporting  in statute  versus                                                              
           what is  currently in practice. I  didn't know if there                                                              
           was  an issue  that's happening out  there or  not, and                                                              
           that's  sort of  a DPS  type of  question, I  know that                                                              
           they  still funded folks  who wanted to  have SART kits                                                              
           ran  for the anonymous  process. I didn't  know if that                                                              
           was a new issue that was now coming up or not.                                                                       
      4:50:28 PM                                                                                                              
      REPRESENTATIVE TARR replied as follows:                                                                                   
           What  we  hope  to accomplish  is  to  have a  standard                                                              
           statewide  policy. What has  been explained to  me, and                                                              
           that also  relates to why  we want to put  the 12 hours                                                              
           of   training  in,  is   that  there's  over   200  law                                                              
           enforcement  agencies in the  State of Alaska,  in some                                                              
           cases  people are doing  things a little  bit different                                                              
           from  the next  and by having  that standard  policy it                                                              
           will   ensure    that   everybody   is   getting   that                                                              
      SENATOR  WILSON said  his other question  related to  getting the                                                         
      actual  number  of  untested  rape  kits.  He conceded  that  his                                                         
      question may  be better posed to the  Department of Public Safety                                                         
      (DPS). He said his  last question addressed the audit language in                                                         
Senate Bill 55 and asked if the  audit would be only for one year                                                               
or for an annual audit.                                                                                                         
REPRESENTATIVE TARR replied yes  and noted that committee members                                                               
were provided with a report  given to the Legislature on November                                                               
1,  2017  regarding  the  single-year  audit.  She  continued  as                                                               
     This is  where it  states that  there are  3,484 sexual                                                                    
     assault kits inventoried; 3,219  were in the possession                                                                    
     of the  7 largest  agencies and that  is the  number we                                                                    
     are working off  of right now. The SAKI  grant allows a                                                                    
     portion of the grant money to  be used to test kits and                                                                    
     under  these  grants  571   sexual  assault  kits  were                                                                    
     identified as  eligible for testing  and those  are the                                                                    
     ones  that  are  going  to   be  sent  outside  to  the                                                                    
4:53:03 PM                                                                                                                    
CHAIR MEYER opened invited testimony.                                                                                           
SENATOR WILSON  asked Mr. Dym from  DPS to specify the  number of                                                               
sexual assault kits that remain untested.                                                                                       
4:53:39 PM                                                                                                                    
ORIN DYM,  Forensic Laboratory Manager, Alaska  Department Public                                                               
Safety, Anchorage,  Alaska, answered questions relating  to HB 31                                                               
as follows:                                                                                                                     
     We did provide the number in  our report and what I can                                                                    
     say is  we have sent  300 kits  so far to  the contract                                                                    
     vendor for analysis, we have  not received any of those                                                                    
     kits back yet,  so they are not yet  completed. We have                                                                    
     another 132  kits staged, ready  to go. Our  vendor did                                                                    
     request that  we delay sending  those because  they ran                                                                    
     out  of  space  to  put  the kits.  We  have  432  kits                                                                    
     scheduled to  go to the  vendor. We will be  waiting to                                                                    
     see whether or not we run  out of money with those kits                                                                    
     as to whether or not we can continue to send kits.                                                                         
SENATOR  WILSON asked  how  testing for  sexual  assault kits  is                                                               
4:55:17 PM                                                                                                                    
      RANDI   BREAGER,  Criminal  Justice   Planner,  Scientific  Crime                                                         
      Detection   Laboratory,  Alaska  Department   of  Public  Safety,                                                         
      Anchorage,  Alaska,  answered  questions  relating  to HB  31  as                                                         
           We  established a  triage protocol  to identify  how we                                                              
           were going to send  kits and in what order knowing that                                                              
           we might  possibly run out of funds  before we can test                                                              
           all  571 eligible kits.  We prioritized first  based on                                                              
           cases  that  have  an  unknown  suspect or  a  stranger                                                              
           assault,  essentially.  Our next  priorities  where all                                                              
           sexual  abuse of  minor cases.  The  next step  was any                                                              
           suspect  that had  more  than ten  incidences  in their                                                              
           criminal history  and that goes  beyond sexual assault,                                                              
           so they  could have a number of  different other crimes                                                              
           attributed  to them.  Our next  one was  known suspects                                                              
           but  not in  [Combined DNA  Index System  (CODIS)] yet,                                                              
           and then  our final category is a  mix of the remaining                                                              
      SENATOR WILSON pointed out that only 571 sexual assault kits                                                              
      were eligible and inquired what occurred with the remaining kits                                                          
      and would the state have to test the remaining kits.                                                                      
      MS. BREAGER replied as follows:                                                                                           
           No,  that's a  great clarification  point. So,  the 571                                                              
           kits  are actually  only Department  of  Public Safety-                                                              
           Alaska State Trooper  kits. What we did with this grant                                                              
           was  we applied  first isolating  Alaska  State Trooper                                                              
           cases  because   they  are  within  the  jurisdictional                                                              
           control of  the Department of Public  Safety and we are                                                              
           utilizing  it as sort  of a  pilot project if  you will                                                              
           because  it is  taking an  immense amount  of resources                                                              
           for personnel and  time to organize this project and we                                                              
           knew  the  smaller   departments  would  not  have  the                                                              
           resources to  dedicate to that level  of a project. So,                                                              
           we are hoping by  us going through this process that we                                                              
           will  be able to  provide policy  recommendations, best                                                              
           practices, templates, etcetera,  for all of the smaller                                                              
           departments  to copy and  implement, they  could choose                                                              
           to  apply  for  grant funds  on  their  own  or we  can                                                              
           continue  to  have conversations  about  what it  might                                                              
           look like for the state to help with that.                                                                           
CHAIR MEYER asked Ms. Breager if she had anything to add.                                                                       
MS.  BREAGER replied  that Representative  Tarr did  an excellent                                                               
job  explained  the  bill  step-by-step  and  she  did  not  have                                                               
anything else to  add. She noted that  Representative Tarr worked                                                               
closely  with  the Department  of  Public  Safety throughout  the                                                               
process and  she did  a great job  summarizing the  feedback from                                                               
multiple agencies.                                                                                                              
4:58:19 PM                                                                                                                    
CHAIR MEYER opened public testimony.                                                                                            
4:58:56 PM                                                                                                                    
KEELEY OLSON,  Standing Together  Against Rape (STAR)  and Alaska                                                               
Network  on  Domestic  Violence   and  Sexual  Assault  (ANDVSA),                                                               
Anchorage, Alaska, testified  in support of HB  31. She disclosed                                                               
that there  were 413  sexual assault kits  submitted in  2017 and                                                               
approximately 235 occurred in Anchorage.                                                                                        
5:00:31 PM                                                                                                                    
NANCY PORTO,  representing self, Kirkland,  Washington, testified                                                               
in support  of HB 31.  She disclosed that  she grew up  in Alaska                                                               
and  noted that  she testified  at  a committee  meeting in  2016                                                               
regarding her sexual assault that  occurred in 2013. She revealed                                                               
that she  consented to a full  rape kit examination, but  the kit                                                               
has not been  fully processed and results have  not been received                                                               
from the  biological evidence portion  of her exam.  She provided                                                               
committee members  details of her sexual  assault and examination                                                               
results. She  disclosed that she  continues to inquire  about her                                                               
examination  but  eventually  leaves messages  and  no  callbacks                                                               
occur. She  asked the  committee to support  the bill  to provide                                                               
closure for herself and others.                                                                                                 
5:03:12 PM                                                                                                                    
CASSANDRE  HUMPHREY,  representing   self,  Burbank,  California,                                                               
testified in  support of  HB 31.  She disclosed  that she  is the                                                               
sister of Nancy Porto and  supports the need for action regarding                                                               
sexual   assault   kit   processing.   She   disclosed   personal                                                               
information on family members and  friends who have been sexually                                                               
assaulted in Alaska, noting that  none have received justice. She                                                               
asserted that  Alaska's system on  sexual assault has  failed her                                                               
sister  and  emphasized that  victims  need  to know  that  their                                                               
crimes  will get  a real  response  from the  justice system  and                                                               
hopefully  in turn,  sexual crimes  will  eventually decrease  in                                                               
      5:07:04 PM                                                                                                              
      JANIS  JOHNSON, representing self,  Valdez, Alaska,  testified in                                                         
      support  of  HB 31.  She  asserted that  the  sexual assault  kit                                                         
      backlog  compromises   prosecution  and  allows  perpetrators  to                                                         
      continue  at large  and repeat their  assaults and  reoffend. She                                                         
      said   not  processing  sexual   assault  examination   kits  was                                                         
      devasting to  victims and the backlog needs  to be addressed. She                                                         
      asserted  that law  enforcement agencies  need to  be accountable                                                         
      for  the kits that  have not been  processed so that  the justice                                                         
      department can prosecute.                                                                                                 
      5:08:50 PM                                                                                                              
      BESSIE ODAM,  representing self, Anchorage,  Alaska, testified in                                                         
      support  of HB  31. She  said victims  of sexual  assault deserve                                                         
      justice and they deserve  the protection of the law. She asserted                                                         
      that proper  procedures must be  taken to ensure  that victims of                                                         
      sexual  violence  are  able to  get  the  closure  they need  and                                                         
      5:09:45 PM                                                                                                              
      SALLY PORTO,  representing self, Anchorage,  Alaska, testified in                                                         
      support  of HB  31. She  disclosed that  her two  daughters spoke                                                         
      earlier. She  emphasized that no  action has been  taken over the                                                         
      past  five years by  state authorities to  resolve her daughter's                                                         
      sexual assault.                                                                                                           
      5:12:48 PM                                                                                                              
      JANE  ANDREEN, representing  self and  the Alaska  Women's Lobby,                                                         
      Juneau, Alaska,  testified in support of HB  31. She provided the                                                         
      committee  with her  background in  sexual assault  training. She                                                         
      revealed  that she  was sexually  assaulted  in Minnesota  in the                                                         
      1970s  and detailed  her rape  examination and  police interview.                                                         
      She disclosed that she  has never received any word on whether an                                                         
      arrest was made or  what the results of her examination were. She                                                         
      explained  that her sexual  assault incident  led her to  move to                                                         
      Alaska and  to work in the areas of  domestic violence and sexual                                                         
      assault.  She detailed her  history in Alaska  regarding domestic                                                         
      violence and sexual assault as follows:                                                                                   
           While  in  Homer as  the  director  of South  Peninsula                                                              
           Women's  Services,   we  worked  with  South  Peninsula                                                              
           Hospital  to bring the  first SART training  to Alaska,                                                              
           and then when I  took over as the director of the State                                                              
           Council  on  Domestic Violence  and  Sexual Assault  in                                                              
     1994, I  was able to play  a role in helping  to expand                                                                    
     that team  approach across the state.  I've dedicated a                                                                    
     lot of my life to this  issue and wanting to make it be                                                                    
     much more  victim centered and much  more empowering as                                                                    
     well as to  be an affective tool in  making arrests and                                                                    
     holding offenders accountable.                                                                                             
     After I retired  from the state about 18  months ago, I                                                                    
     was working with one of  the local programs on contract                                                                    
     doing a needs  assessment and as part of  that I looked                                                                    
     into the statewide data that  we have and I just wanted                                                                    
     to  share for  2015,  our  Alaska victimization  survey                                                                    
     that is  conducted by the University  of Alaska Justice                                                                    
     Center  reported  that  7662 adult  Alaska  women  were                                                                    
     raped  in  2015, at  that  same  time  we look  at  the                                                                    
     uniform  crime report  which is  the reports  that were                                                                    
     made  to  law  enforcement, there  were  895  confirmed                                                                    
     reports.  So, you  go from  7662  down to  895, and  of                                                                    
     those 895,  only 130 arrests  were actually  made; this                                                                    
     is  a crime  that represents  between 10-20  percent of                                                                    
     our violent  crimes that are  reported in  Alaska every                                                                    
     year, and  yet we have  the lowest conviction  rate, we                                                                    
     need  this tool.  I often  wonder, because  rapists are                                                                    
     repeat offenders  more often  than not, how  many other                                                                    
     women were  affected by  that man  who attacked  me and                                                                    
     what we could  do if we could get  this backlog cleared                                                                    
     I really  want to  commend Representative Tarr  for the                                                                    
     work that  she is  doing and  dedication, and  also for                                                                    
     the work that I know  you have done individually and as                                                                    
     a  legislature, but  for these  reasons I  think it  is                                                                    
     really important  to support  this bill and  move these                                                                    
     kits forward.                                                                                                              
5:16:37 PM                                                                                                                    
ALYSON  CURREY,  Legislative  Liaison, Planned  Parenthood  Votes                                                               
Northwest and Hawaii, Juneau, Alaska,  testified in support of HB
31.  She expressed  her  appreciation  for Representative  Tarr's                                                               
leadership on  the issue.  She thanked  those that  testified and                                                               
shared their personal  stories. She asserted that  the bill would                                                               
clearly have a  direct and positive impact for  victims of sexual                                                               
assault in Alaska who are waiting for closure and justice.                                                                      
5:17:55 PM                                                                                                                    
      CHAIR MEYER closed public testimony.                                                                                      
      5:18:15 PM                                                                                                              
      SENATOR GIESSEL moved to adopt Amendment 1, version 30-                                                                   
                                 AMENDMENT 1                                                                                
           OFFERED IN THE SENATE                                                                                                
                TO: CSHB 31(FIN)                                                                                                
           Page 3, line 3:                                                                                                      
                Delete "three"                                                                                              
           Page 3, line 8, following "system;":                                                                             
                Insert "or"                                                                                                 
           Page 3, lines 9 - 15:                                                                                                
                Delete all material.                                                                                            
           Renumber the following paragraph accordingly.                                                                        
           Page 3, line 28, through page 4, line 25:                                                                            
                Delete all material and insert:                                                                                 
              "* Sec. 6. AS 44.41 is amended by adding a new                                                                
           section to read:                                                                                                     
                Sec. 44.41.070. Report on untested sexual assault                                                             
           examination  kits.  (a) By  September 1  of each  year,                                                            
           each  law   enforcement  agency  and  state  department                                                              
           charged    with   the    maintenance,    storage,   and                                                              
     preservation of  sexual assault examination  kits shall                                                                    
     conduct  an   inventory  of  untested   sexual  assault                                                                    
     examination  kits  and  report,   in  writing,  to  the                                                                    
     Department  of Public  Safety  the  number of  untested                                                                    
     sexual assault  examination kits  in the  possession of                                                                    
     the agency  or department  and the  date on  which each                                                                    
     sexual assault examination kit was collected.                                                                              
          (b)  By November 1 of each year, the Department                                                                       
     of Public  Safety shall prepare  and transmit  a report                                                                    
     to the president  of the senate and the  speaker of the                                                                    
     house of representatives that contains                                                                                     
               (1)  the number of untested sexual assault                                                                       
     examination kits stored by  each law enforcement agency                                                                    
     or department;                                                                                                             
               (2)  the date each untested sexual assault                                                                       
     examination kit was collected; and                                                                                         
               (3)  a plan for addressing the backlog and                                                                       
     prevention  of a  backlog  of  untested sexual  assault                                                                    
     examination kits.                                                                                                          
          (c)  The Department of Public Safety shall                                                                            
     deliver  a copy  of the  report prepared  under (b)  of                                                                    
     this  section to  the senate  secretary  and the  chief                                                                    
     clerk of  the house  of representatives and  notify the                                                                    
     legislature that the report is available.                                                                                  
          (d)  In this section, "untested sexual assault                                                                        
     examination  kit" means  a  sexual assault  examination                                                                    
     kit with evidence that                                                                                                     
               (1)  has been collected but that has not                                                                         
     been submitted to a laboratory  operated or approved by                                                                    
     the   Department  of   Public  Safety   for  either   a                                                                    
           serological or DNA test; or                                                                                          
                     (2)  has been collected and submitted to a                                                                 
           laboratory  operated or approved  by the  Department of                                                              
           Public  Safety but  that has not  had a  serological or                                                              
           DNA test conducted on the evidence.                                                                                  
         * Sec. 7. This Act takes effect July 1, 2018."                                                                       
      CHAIR MEYER objected for discussion purposes.                                                                             
      5:18:33 PM                                                                                                              
      DIANA RHOADES, Staff, Representative Tarr, Alaska State                                                                   
      Legislature, Juneau, Alaska, explained Amendment 1 for HB 31 as                                                           
           Earlier this year,  Representative Tarr met with victim                                                              
           advocates and  the Department of Public  Safety to talk                                                              
           about as  we mentioned the three  reporting options and                                                              
           the  need to  remove  the middle  reporting  option, we                                                              
           call it  the "medical option." What  this bill would do                                                              
           was  on  page, "delete  'three,'"  so  it is  basically                                                              
           removing the  middle option, the  "medical option," and                                                              
           then  it  actually updates  the  information about  the                                                              
           "reporting  option" so that  the original  language had                                                              
           the one-time audit and  this would make it be an annual                                                              
           audit, and then it  just changes the dates in the bill,                                                              
           the bill says 2017 and it updates those dates.                                                                       
      CHAIR MEYER asked if the bill has a zero fiscal note.                                                                     
      MS. RHOADES answered yes.                                                                                                 
      CHAIR MEYER asked if the amendment would change the fiscal note.                                                          
      MS. RHOADES answered no.                                                                                                  
      5:20:01 PM                                                                                                              
      CHAIR MEYER removed his objection to Amendment 1. He announced                                                            
      that without objection, Amendment 1 was adopted.                                                                          
      SENATOR WILSON noted that legislators can just ask for a report                                                           
      and questioned the need for statutorial reporting.                                                                        
MS. RHOADES answered as follows:                                                                                                
     It's just to make it  clear that we have that reporting                                                                    
     requirement so  that it was one  of the recommendations                                                                    
     from  across the  country that  it is  very clear  that                                                                    
     there is  this reporting  requirement instate  and it's                                                                    
     by November  1 of each  that the information  should be                                                                    
     collected and reported.                                                                                                    
5:21:53 PM                                                                                                                    
SENATOR GIESSEL moved to report SCS CSHB 31(STA), version 30-                                                                   
LS0271\O   as    amended,   from   committee    with   individual                                                               
recommendations and attached zero fiscal note.                                                                                  
5:22:07 PM                                                                                                                    
CHAIR MEYER announced that there being no objection, the motion                                                                 

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