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05/05/1998 03:40 PM Senate STA

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Number 325                                                                     
        CSHB 408(FIN) - SEISMIC HAZARDS SAFETY COMMISSION                      
CHAIRMAN GREEN brought HB 408 before the committee as the next                 
order of business.                                                             
REPRESENTATIVE JOHN DAVIES, prime sponsor of HB 408, explained the             
bill creates a seismic safety commission in the Governor's Office              
and it would be an umbrella commission to coordinate the activities            
of existing state agencies.  He noted Alaska has some of the                   
largest earthquakes in the world, and yet it is one of the few                 
states in the western United States that does not have a seismic               
safety commission.                                                             
Representative Davies said the commission is patterned after some              
of the language that was developed in California.  The purpose of              
the commission is to mitigate possible effects by earthquakes by               
making sure people adhere to buildings codes and encouraging                   
appropriate land use.                                                          
Number 385                                                                     
CHAIRMAN GREEN inquired if this commission would be a coordinating             
agency with the Division of Emergency Services within the                      
Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.  REPRESENTATIVE DAVIES            
explained that the planning effort that goes on in the Division of             
Emergency Services is for earthquake response to the damage that               
occurs whereas this group would try to prevent damage from                     
occurring in the first place, so it is prevention versus response.             
CHAIRMAN GREEN asked if this commission would be only a                        
recommending group, and REPRESENTATIVE DAVIES acknowledged that was            
correct.  He added that it is meant to be a catalyst to bring                  
people together who are working on similar things and to focus                 
There being no further testimony on CSHB 408(FIN), CHAIRMAN GREEN              
asked for the pleasure of the committee.                                       
SENATOR MILLER moved CSHB 408(FIN) be passed out of committee with             
individual recommendations.  Hearing no objection, it was so                   

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