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        SB 124 CHARITABLE GAMING SALMON AND RACE CLASSIC                       
CHAIRMAN GREEN brought SB 124 before the committee as the next                 
order of business.                                                             
SENATOR JOHN TORGERSON, prime sponsor of SB 124, read the following            
sponsor statement into the record:                                             
"This legislation amends AS 05.15.100(A) by including race classics            
as one of the games of skill and chance which municipalities or                
qualified organizations are allowed to conduct.  The purpose of                
this amendment is to authorize a classic for the Seward Mt.                    
Marathon Race, to be operated by the Seward Chamber of Commerce                
Convention & Visitors' Bureau.                                                 
It also amends AS 05.15.690(40) by extending the definition of a               
salmon classic to include the Seward Silver Salmon Derby Classic               
and the Sterling Area Senior Citizen's, Inc. Sockeye Salmon                    
Crossing Classic.                                                              
Both the Seward Chamber of Commerce Convention & Visitors' Bureau              
and the Sterling Area Senior Citizen's Inc., are non-profit                    
corporations.  Both entities provide a valuable community service              
and, like many local service organizations, they are searching for             
ways to supplement their revenues.                                             
Providing these potential revenue vehicles will assist these                   
service organizations in the continuation of the services they                 
provide for their respective communities."                                     
Senator Torgerson pointed out the Legislature has authorized                   
similar classics, and he said this is just a request to add a                  
couple of more to the list.                                                    
Number 428                                                                     
SENATOR DUNCAN noted there are a number of other salmon derbies                
held throughout the state, and he questioned if consideration was              
given to opening it up so that they all qualify under this                     
legislation.  SENATOR TORGERSON responded that it was originally               
approached in that manner and his office worked with the Division              
of Gaming on the concept.  However, communications broke down, and             
he needed to get approval for these two classics this year so it               
was limited to them.  He added there is concern among the non-                 
profit organizations that if an administration decided down the                
road that they didn't want to continue with an existing derby, it              
could just administratively wipe it out.                                       
There being no further questions or testimony on SB 124, CHAIRMAN              
GREEN requested a motion on the legislation.                                   
SENATOR WARD moved SB 124 be passed out of committee with                      
individual recommendations.  Hearing no objection, it was so                   

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