Legislature(1995 - 1996)

06/04/1996 01:25 PM STA

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* first hearing in first committee of referral
+ teleconferenced
= bill was previously heard/scheduled
 CHAIRMAN SHARP called the Senate State Affairs Committee to order             
 at 1:25 p.m.  He brought  SB 1009  (PROGRAM RECEIPTS) before the              
 committee and directed attention to a proposed CSSB 1009(STA),                
 which he noted exactly mirrors CSSB 265(FIN) passed by the Senate             
 Addressing the changes in CSSB 1009(STA), CHAIRMAN SHARP said the             
 language "designated program receipts" on page 2, line 3 of the               
 original bill was deleted and it was replaced with more restrictive           
 language.  Also, Section 2 of the original bill is not in the                 
 committee substitute.                                                         
 Number 040                                                                    
 SENATOR RANDY PHILLIPS moved CSSB 1009(STA) be adopted.  Hearing no           
 objection, the Chairman stated the motion carried.                            
 SENATOR RANDY PHILLIPS moved CSSB 1009(STA) be passed out of                  
 committee with individual recommendations.  Hearing no objection,             
 it was so ordered.                                                            
 There being no further business to come before the committee,                 
 CHAIRMAN SHARP adjourned the meeting at 1:28 p.m.                             

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