Legislature(1995 - 1996)

05/02/1996 09:05 AM Senate STA

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          HCR 25 381ST INTELL.SQUADRON DIVISION DAY                          
 CHAIRMAN SHARP brought up HCR 25 as the next order of business                
 before the Senate State Affairs Committee.                                  
 Number 585                                                                    
 NOELLE BREKKE, Aide to Representative Pete Kott, Co-Chairman of the           
 House Special Committee on Military & Veterans' Affairs, prime                
 sponsor of HCR 25, stated the resolution would allow May 15, 1996             
 to be designated as the 381st Intelligence Squadron Logistics Day.            
 This unit is based at Elmendorf Air Force Base, and has earned many           
 merit awards.  She asked for support of HCR 25.                               
 Number 574                                                                    
 SENATOR LEMAN made a motion to discharge HCR 25 from the Senate               
 State Affairs Committee with individual recommendations.                      
 CHAIRMAN SHARP, hearing no objection, stated HCR 25 was discharged            
 from the Senate State Affairs Committee.                                      

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