Legislature(1993 - 1994)

04/27/1994 09:10 AM STA

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* first hearing in first committee of referral
+ teleconferenced
= bill was previously heard/scheduled
 LOCKERS) as the next order of business before the Senate State                
 Affairs Committee.  The chairman announces there is a committee               
 Number 390                                                                    
 SENATOR MILLER makes a motion to adopt SCS CSHB 417(STA) in lieu of           
 CSHB 417(JUD) am.                                                             
 CHAIRMAN LEMAN, hearing no objection, states the committee                    
 substitute has been adopted.  The chairman calls the prime sponsor            
 to testify.                                                                   
 Number 394                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE CON BUNDE, prime sponsor of HB 417, states HB 417              
 will change the penalty for having a firearm on school grounds from           
 a class b to a class a misdemeanor.  A school administrator could             
 exempt persons for purposes such as participating on a rifle team.            
 HB 417 would also allow for the searching of school lockers, with             
 prior notification.                                                           
 REPRESENTATIVE BUNDE states that the amendment the chairman                   
 referred to deleted a provision allowing a person to traverse                 
 school grounds with an encased, unloaded weapon if that person was            
 on their way to go hunting.  This is not allowed under federal law.           
 Hunters can be accommodated by simply getting permission from the             
 school administrator, or a representative of the administrator.               
 There was some concern that in rural areas that people coming to              
 and from hunting might pass by the school.  If the hunter is                  
 traversing a right of way, this law does not apply.  If, for                  
 whatever reason, school children need to carry guns while                     
 travelling to and from school for protection from wildlife, they              
 can do so if they get permission from the school administrator.               
 Number 425                                                                    
 CHAIRMAN LEMAN asks if there are any questions.                               
 SENATOR TAYLOR asks Representative Bunde if his committee (House              
 Health, Education & Social Services Committee) is currently holding           
 hearings on senate bills.                                                     
 REPRESENTATIVE BUNDE responds that his committee is shut down and             
 is not having any hearings.                                                   
 SENATOR TAYLOR asks Representative Bunde if there are any senate              
 bills in his committee at this time.                                          
 REPRESENTATIVE BUNDE replies he has one senate bill by Senator                
 Zharoff, which is in the process of being waived from committee.              
 SENATOR TAYLOR comments he discovered yesterday that all house                
 committees are shut down and not moving any legislation, with the             
 exception of the House Finance Committee.                                     
 Number 435                                                                    
 CHAIRMAN LEMAN asks if there are further questions for                        
 Representative Bunde.  Hearing none, the chairman calls Mr.                   
 Marshall to testify.                                                          
 VERNON MARSHALL, NEA-Alaska, states NEA-Alaska supports HB 417.  He           
 has no further testimony.                                                     
 Number 440                                                                    
 CHAIRMAN LEMAN asks if anyone else wishes to testify on HB 417.               
 Hearing none, the chairman asks the pleasure of the committee.                
 Number 441                                                                    
 SENATOR TAYLOR makes a motion to discharge HB 417 from the Senate             
 State Affairs Committee with individual recommendations.                      
 Number 442                                                                    
 CHAIRMAN LEMAN, hearing no objection, orders HB 417 released from             
 committee with individual recommendations.                                    

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