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11/20/1993 06:34 PM Senate STA

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 Chairman Leman called the Senate State Affairs Committee                      
 meeting to order at 6:34 p.m.  Due to the lack of a quorum,                   
 he announced this meeting would be for the purpose of taking                  
 public testimony.  He announced  SJR  1  (RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR              
 ARMS) and  SJR 34  (RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS.)                             
  PORTIA BABCOCK,  Legislative Aide for Senate State Affairs,                  
 explained the difference between SJR 1 and SJR 34.                            
  SENATOR DONLEY  explained that there has been effort for the                 
 past 10 years to establish an individual constitutional right                 
 to keep arms in Alaska.  This is part of the movement to                      
 strengthen state constitutions.                                               
  SENATOR HALFORD  said that most political heads of police                    
 departments are for gun control and he thought the                            
 compromising language in SJR 1 wouldn't get them anywhere.                    
  BRIAN JUDY,  National Rifle Association, strongly supported                  
 clarifying the language of the Alaska Constitution and                        
 supported SJR 34.                                                             
 Mr. Judy noted that the opposition came from law enforcement                  
 leaders, not the rank and file police who are afraid to                       
 express their opinions.                                                       
 He said we do not need to regulate arms usage, but to penalize                
 the criminal misuse of firearms.  There is a need for                         
 clarification because federal laws regarding weapons are                      
  CHRIS SULLIVAN,  NRA member, supported Mr. Judy's testimony.                 
 He added that even with our open carry law, it wouldn't mean                  
 much unless there were concealed carry permits available to                   
 those who reasonably need them.  He supported SJR 34.                         
  AARON SHULER,  NRA member, supported Mr. Judy's testimony                    
 regarding concealed carry permits and supported SJR 34.                       
 Number 275                                                                    
  STEVE LORD  supported SJR 34.  He thought that it was a right                
 of a law abiding citizen to be able to carry a concealed                      
  DOUG EISCHEN  supported SJR 34.  He said he might not be alive               
 today if he didn't have a weapon concealed when his store was                 
 broken into.                                                                  
  LLOYD BARRUS  supported SJR 34.  He said we have a right to be               
 able to protect our families.                                                 
  JACK RAMEY,  testifying via teleconference,supported the right               
 to bear arms.                                                                 
  LARRY SHOOSHANIAN , testifying via teleconference, supported                 
 SJR 34.  He thought it was absolutely necessary.  He said that                
 guns protect him from his own government which is corrupt.                    
  LORRAINE JONES,  testifying via teleconference, supported SJR
 34.  She firmly believed in the 2nd amendment rights.  Not                    
 only should you have protection for your family against                       
 outside danger, you also need it for protection against a                     
 hostile government.                                                           
  BOB BRUMLOW,  testifying via teleconference, said his students               
 in Anchorage are very concerned about being able to protect                   
 themselves.  He said weapons are necessary for defense of                     
 persons and country.  He supported SJR 34.                                    
 Number 450                                                                    
  GARY KUHN  ,  said the right to keep and bear arms by law abiding            
 citizens needs to be preserved.  He said people should talk                   
 to their friends about this issue.                                            
  SENATOR DONLEY  supported that thought and added they should                 
 talk to the Governor's Office, the Department of Public                       
 Safety, and the Attorney General's Office.                                    
  TAPE 93-38, SIDE B                                                           
 Number 001                                                                    
 RANDY SMITH  supported the language in SJR 34.                                
  RUSSELL KELL  thought the U.S. was becoming a police state and               
 supported SJR 34.                                                             
  DAVID ROGERS,  urged Alaskans to make a statement and to                     
 support SJR 34.                                                               
  BILLY TOIEN,  Alaskan Libertarian, supported SJR 34.  He said                
 Libertarians believe in the Americans right to decide how best                
 to protect themselves, their families, and their property.                    
 The police do not provide security in our homes.                              
  WILLIAM YOUNG  said he was raised where a gun was part of a                  
 families' tools.  He supported the right to bear arms.                        
  MICHAEL NOLEN,  NRA member and certified instructor supported                
 SJR 34.  He said a defenseless citizen would be at the mercy                  
 of the criminal element.  The police can't protect each                       
 individual, so the individual must be able to defend himself                  
 and his family by armed force if necessary.                                   
  JEFF NOLEN,  NRA member, supported SJR 34.                                   
  ROBERT RAPP,  NRA member, said this country was established as               
 a republic.  The federal government should not have an army                   
 because it represents a power that could take over the                        
 country.  The states should have militias.  He supported SJR
  KENNETH LOWER  supported SJR 34.  He said the Bill of Rights                 
 gives citizens the right to bear arms against its government.                 
 The government can be trusted less now than when it was first                 
 Number 200                                                                    
  DANIEL STONE  said the Bill of Rights protects the states                    
 against the federal government.  He said SJR 34 is extremely                  
 critical at this point.                                                       
  RON HAMMAN  ,  NRA member, supported SJR 34.  He said when guns              
 go the freedom to worship, which is why our forefathers came                  
 to this country, is going to go also.                                         
  JOHN LAWSON  supported SJR 34.  He used liquor prohibition as                
 an example of what gun prohibition would do.  It would create                 
 a commodity, he said, which wouldn't work.  We need to look                   
 at the real problems which are moral and ethical.                             
 Number 325                                                                    
  PAUL MOORE,  NRA member, supported SJR 34.  We need to send a                
 message to the criminal element that we are not going to "sit                 
 there and roll over and die."  Law enforcement can't be                       
 everywhere at once.  It is our right to protect our property,                 
 he said.                                                                      
  DAN MCKNIGHT,  NRA member,   said gun control is one step closer             
 to one world government.  He said he will never give up guns.                 
 Number 375                                                                    
  DEREK EDMONDSON,  supported SJR 34 and opposed SJR 1.  He said               
 the law cannot protect you until after the crime has occurred.                
 People need a method to protect themselves until the police                   
  JACK IVY  ,  NRA member, supported SJR 34.                                   
  JON HODGES  supported the right to carry a concealed weapon.                 
 The citizens of this country need the right to protect                        
 themselves.  We can't count on the government to do it.                       
  DANIEL HAWKINS  supported the right to bear arms.                            
  ERIC GROSCH  pointed out that it is the right of citizens to                 
 bear arms.  The reason there is crime is not the proliferation                
 of weapons.  It's because people don't know the difference                    
 between right and wrong.  He strongly supported SJR 34.                       
  SENATOR DONLEY  clarified that the reason he left militia in                 
 his bill is because he was requested to preserve reference to                 
 it in the constitution to accommodate people in the state                     
 Number 490                                                                    
  JOHN ASZMUN , NRA member, said he fears danger from the                      
 government, if citizens are not allowed to have guns.                         
  GERALD KLIEN  supported SJR 34.  He thought the 2nd amendment                
 is the most important amendment of the constitution, because                  
 without it there is no constitution.                                          
  BEN CLAYTON,  NRA member, supported SJR 34.  He supported the                
 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.                       
  TAPE 93-39, SIDE A                                                           
 Number 001                                                                    
   BEAR CLAW,  Eagle River, Alaska, supported SJR 34.  He has been             
 a hunting guide and trapper for 20 years.  He believes in the                 
 right to carry and conceal for all law abiding citizens.                      
  KELLY SMITH  said when the 2nd amendment was written so that                 
 the individual had the right to keep and bear arms.  Only                     
 recent history has relegated that right to government                         
 militias.  Citizens should have final recourse against a                      
 tyrannical government.  He supported SJR 34.                                  
  DAVID DORRING  supported SJR 34.                                             
  MIKE PULIS  supported SJR 34 and not SJR 1.  Our rights are not              
 to be compromised, because then they become privileges granted                
 by the state.  Criminal misuse is the problem.  He said many                  
 criminals would be created if there was a prohibition against                 
  BRUCE WEISMAN  ,  NRA member, supported SJR 34.  Citizens should             
 have the right to carry concealed weapons.                                    
 Number 175                                                                    
  WAYNE WATT    supported SJR 34.                                              
  WILLIAM WATSON  said he has talked to thousands of people in                 
 his shop in Muldoon and has not met one who should really not                 
 have the right to keep and bear arms.  She said he has talked                 
 to victims of a lot of crimes and not one of them had been                    
 armed.  He has talked to people who have stopped rapes and                    
 other crimes and they were happy they had a fire arm to stop                  
 it.  People need the opportunity to protect themselves and to                 
 protect others against criminals.                                             
  WALTER HARGIS  supported SJR 34.  He thought SJR 1 was                       
  KRISTINA CARLSON  supported SJR 34.  She said an armed society               
 is a respectable society.  She said the right to bear arms is                 
 one of our constitutional rights.  She said children are not                  
 taught in school that the Constitution gives them the right                   
 to bear arms.                                                                 
  GARY CARLSON  strongly supported the SJR 34.  He also supported              
 a concealed weapons law.  He noted that only 20% of the world                 
 is free.  The rest of the people are under communism or                       
 tyranny or dictatorship and don't have the right to bear arms.                
  KEVIN CARLSON  supported SJR 34.  He said the government cannot              
 be trusted which is why the Constitution supports the right                   
 to bear arms.                                                                 
  JIM ELSAN  said he thought the reason people were taking more                
 notice of crime is that it is being reported.  He is not for                  
 any taxes or restrictions on fire arms or ammunition.  He                     
 supports the right to carry concealed weapons.                                
 Number 350                                                                    
  ALLEN DUBORD  supported SJR 34.                                              
  KEITH GASTFIELD  said the judiciary is the strongest part of                 
 our government.  The legal gun owner is defined by SJR 34 and                 
 he supports it.  He said the biggest gun problem is with                      
 juveniles and juveniles who don't know how to handle guns and                 
 don't have the responsibility.                                                
  JOHN CARLI,  Eagle River, supported SJR 34.  He said the                     
 purpose of law enforcement is to enforce laws, not protect                    
  MARC VIENS,  President, Partners In Profit, said that a gun ban              
 is a precursor to restrictions on the way you worship, where                  
 you meet, etc.  He supported SJR 34.                                          
 Number 425                                                                    
  KIRBY BROWN,  NRA member, supported SJR 34, because it's the                 
 clearest language he has seen so far.  He would like it to be                 
 even clearer on individual rights.                                            
  JOHN DICKENS  said nine years ago after his brother's murder,                
 he had to draw a weapon twice to preserve his own life from                   
 the people who killed him.  Because he carries a large amount                 
 of cash regularly from is lodge to the bank, he asked                         
 Talkeetna police for advice.  They told him to get a gun and                  
 practice with it.                                                             
  RON BROWN  said he has seen too many liberties taken away from               
 us.  He thinks we should always be able to bear arms when we                  
 want to - the way it was in the beginning.  He supported SJR
  REBECCA LONG  supported SJR 34.                                              
  AARON HASTINGS,  part-time employee at a gun shop, strongly                  
 supported SJR 34.  He said when he was in the Marines he took                 
 an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States from                 
 enemies both foreign and domestic.  He views that as anyone                   
 who is trying to take away his constitutional rights to keep                  
 and bear arms and any other freedoms he has.                                  
  JIM CANN,  NRA member, fully supported SJR 34.  He said that                 
 whenever a crime is committed the police can't stop it.  The                  
 only person who can stop it is an individual if he has the                    
 fire arms available.                                                          
  TAPE 93-39, SIDE B                                                           
 Number 001                                                                    
   MR. CANN  explained that in Switzerland all males from the time             
 they are 18 years old till 54, they are in a stand-by army.                   
 They have to keep, at least, a fire arm in their home.  They                  
 have the lowest crime rate of any nation.                                     
  KEN SMITH  supported SJR 34.  He said all of our rights are                  
 god-given.  The only ones we don't have are the ones our                      
 government has taken away from us.                                            
  CHARLES MARTIN  said he was born and raised in New York City.                
 He said gun laws do nothing to the criminal, but mostly affect                
 law-abiding citizens.  He supports any legislation that                       
 supports his right to defend himself.                                         
  DOUG BECKER  said that recently he had the occasion to protect               
 himself with a gun two months ago.  He is very thankful he had                
 the right to own and keep that fire arm.                                      
  JOHANN HAMERSKI,  President, Bear Valley Community Council,                  
 said most of them support SJR 34.  He said his wife had to                    
 fight back a violent rapist with a pistol a number of years                   
 ago.  He has also stopped another rape with the use of a gun.                 
 He also saved himself from a car jacking in Florida when he                   
 pulled out a pistol.                                                          
  DAVE WOLFE  supported SJR 34.                                                
  JIM FARR,  Attorney, pointed out the importance of the 2nd                   
 amendment.  He supported legislation that would strengthen it.                
 He also supported a concealed carry statute.  He supported SJR
 34.  He also supported a habitual criminal statute in Alaska.                 
  JERRY FOGG  said the infringement on our rights to keep and                  
 bear arms is allowing the government to take over.  People who                
 commit crimes should be punished.  It is not the guns that                    
 commit crimes.                                                                
  MARK PHILLIPS  supported the right to bear arms.  He also                    
 thought we have a right to concealed carry.                                   
  SENATOR LEMAN  thanked everyone for their participation and                  
 adjourned the meeting at 9:30 p.m.                                            

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