Legislature(1993 - 1994)

04/21/1993 09:20 AM Senate STA

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  SENATOR  LEMAN  brought HB  148  (EXEMPT  U OF  AK  FROM APA                 
  PROCEDURES)  before  the  committee as  the  final  order of                 
  WENDY REDMAN, representing the University of Alaska, said in                 
  1977  the  legislature put  the  university under  the state                 
  fiscal procedures act  and under  the state accounting  act.                 
  At  the  same   time,  the  university  was  put  under  the                 
  adjudications  of  the  APA,  and  all  of  the  legislative                 
  testimony from that  time indicated that that  section would                 
  have no effect on the internal management of the  university                 
  or on the internal grievance procedures.  However, a Supreme                 
  Court ruling said the language was  not precise and that the                 
  law needed to be fixed.                                                      
  Ms. Redman said that  the adjudications of the APA  are very                 
  cumbersome  quasi-judicial  processes  that   are  extremely                 
  expensive.   HB 148  is an attempt  to get  the law straight                 
  and to  get  the exemption  clarified  just as  every  other                 
  agency in the state has been exempted.                                       
  SENATOR  LEMAN  noted there  was  a  Senate HESS  Letter  of                 
  Intent, and he outlined three suggested technical changes to                 
  it.    He moved that those  changes be adopted.   Hearing no                 
  objection, the motion  carried.  He also moved  the adoption                 
  of the  Letter of Intent.   Hearing no objection,  it was so                 
  SENATOR TAYLOR moved that HB 148 and the accompanying Letter                 
  of  Intent  be  passed  out  of  committee  with  individual                 
  recommendations.  Hearing no objection, it was so ordered.                   

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