Legislature(2001 - 2002)

05/11/2002 10:40 AM RLS

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SENATOR  COWDERY moved  to  calendar CSHB  443(L&C)-TATTOOING  AND                                                          
BODY PIERCING at the Chairman's discretion.                                                                                 
SENATOR ELLIS objected  and said that he is a  reluctant supporter                                                              
of this  legislation. He  sponsored the  original effort  to bring                                                              
some  regulatory  oversight to  tattooing  and body  piercing.  He                                                              
noted  that  Alaska is  the  "wild  west"  of tattooing  and  body                                                              
piercing  with  no regulations  and  unsanitary  practices  taking                                                              
place. Minors  have gotten  hepatitis from  the practice.  Senator                                                              
Ellis said  the sponsor's concern in  HB 443 is that a  few of the                                                              
practitioners did  not get the notice of minimal  state regulation                                                              
of their activities so they will  be given a window of opportunity                                                              
to  "get legal."  He said  he is  willing  to go  along with  this                                                              
approach once  but he  cannot support  reopening the window  again                                                              
because the  public health is at  risk from practitioners  who are                                                              
not  "good   actors."   He  pointed  out   that  the   responsible                                                              
practitioners were registered and  therefore notified. He repeated                                                              
that he  will give the  others the benefit  of the doubt  one time                                                              
but hopes  the legislature  does not attempt  to open  this window                                                              
CHAIRMAN PHILLIPS announced that  without objection, the motion to                                                              
calendar CSHB 443(L&C) carried.                                                                                                 

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