Legislature(2001 - 2002)

03/16/2001 11:25 AM RLS

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* first hearing in first committee of referral
+ teleconferenced
= bill was previously heard/scheduled
SENATOR PHILLIPS  moved to calendar SB  93-ARCTIC  WINTER GAMES TEAM                                                        
ALASKA TRUST.                                                                                                               
SENATOR  ELLIS  objected  and  asked if  the  original  fiscal  note                                                            
applies to this bill.                                                                                                           
CHAIRWOMAN PEARCE answered  that SB 93 is not an appropriations bill                                                            
and explained  that capitalization  will occur  at some future  date                                                            
after the trust is set up.                                                                                                      
SENATOR ELLIS removed his objection.                                                                                            
CHAIRWOMAN PEARCE announced  that, without objection, SB 93 would be                                                            

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