Legislature(1993 - 1994)

05/10/1993 03:45 PM RLS

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  SENATOR JACKO  opened the public hearing on HCR 20 (MILITARY                 
  SCHOOL TASK FORCE).                                                          
  SENATOR LOREN  LEMAN explained the resolution  establishes a                 
  task  force for  looking at  the  needs of  military schools                 
  throughout Alaska.  Most of these schools are below building                 
  standards and are  in need of  major maintenance.  The  U.S.                 
  Department of  Education has  agreed to  provide funding  to                 
  upgrade  these  schools,  however, they  have  been  slow in                 
  releasing funds.                                                             
  HCR  20  establishes a  task  force to  examine  options for                 
  repair  and maintenance of schools on  military bases and to                 
  recommend necessary legislation.                                             
  SENATOR RIEGER moved that HCR 20  be passed out of committee                 
  with individual recommendations and that  it be approved for                 
  calendaring  at   the  Chair's   discretion.     Hearing  no                 
  objection, it was so ordered.                                                

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