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         HJR 39 - LIMIT DECLARATION OF NATL. MONUMENTS                         
DAVE STANCLIFF, staff to Representative Scott Ogan, explained the              
purpose of HJR 39 as follows.  Representative Ogan was concerned               
about the authority exercised by the President of the United States            
in both Utah and Alaska when setting aside vast amounts of land by             
Executive Order, without any congressional or public involvement.              
Congress has three measures before it to deal with this issue; one,            
S 477 by Senator Orrin Hatch, will be heard on February 12.  HJR 39            
is timely and gives positive encouragement to Congress to take                 
back, on behalf of Americans, some authority with regard to                    
delegation and use of American lands.                                          
SENATOR TORGERSON asked if the American River Heritage Program                 
would be covered by HJR 39.  MR. STANCLIFF said that would not fall            
under this resolution; HJR 39 applies specifically to the                      
Antiquities Act.                                                               
SENATOR TAYLOR moved HJR 39 out of committee with individual                   
recommendations and its accompanying zero fiscal note.  There being            
no objection, the motion carried.                                              

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