Legislature(1995 - 1996)

02/20/1995 03:38 PM RES

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 SRES 2/20/95                                                                  
                SB  50 RESTRUCTURE BOARD OF GAME                              
  SENATOR LEMAN announced SB 50 to be up for consideration.                   
 KEN ERICKSON, Legislative Aide for Senator Pearce, briefed the                
 Committee on SB 50.  He said it was substantially the same as SB
 49, but would change the composition of the Board of Game.                    
 SENATOR HALFORD noted that both Boards serve at the pleasure of the           
 Governor, but he says its going to "depoliticize" the Board.  He              
 asked what would keep the Governors from replacing all the members            
 on the Board without regard to their term?                                    
 MR. ERICKSON admitted that could be a problem, but this legislation           
 was intended to bring the issue to the table and try to make a                
 better way of doing it.  SENATOR HALFORD suggested in this instance           
 to have fixed terms with removal for cause and having some overlap            
 so there is significant disincentive to change it.                            
 SENATOR LEMAN said they would hold this bill over until they could            
 decide who might want to participate in the  subcommittee.                    

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