Legislature(1993 - 1994)

03/28/1994 03:36 PM RES

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 TAX) to be up for consideration.                                              
 SENATOR LEMAN moved amendment 1.  There was an objection.  SENATOR            
 LEMAN said he applauded the intent of the bill.  However, in light            
 of having consistent state tax policy we should make sure our tax             
 credits are somewhat consistent.                                              
 SENATOR JACKO explained that CDQ harvesters would get 100% and non            
 CDQ harvesters would get 50%.                                                 
 SENATOR JACKO said he was concerned that amendment 1 would not give           
 factory trawlers enough incentive to pay to get the credit.                   
 SENATOR FRANK said he would like to understand more about the total           
 tax situation.                                                                
 SENATOR PEARCE agreed with Senator Leman and read from a statute              
 the legislature passed last year regarding credits.                           
 SENATOR ZHAROFF asked who would determine if the person is being              
 trained at $25,000 or $50,000 for a specific skill and who, then,             
 would receive the funding for that training.                                  
 Number 522                                                                    
 SENATOR LEMAN said because of the questions regarding his amendment           
 he would withdraw it at this time, but requested that it accompany            
 the bill, if it is discharged today.                                          
 SENATOR FRANK moved to pass CSSB 311 from committee with individual           
 recommendations with accompanying fiscal notes and the accompanying           
 amendment.  SENATOR ZHAROFF objected to say there is a lawsuit out            
 there, also.  He wanted a clear understanding that this is not                
 affecting those monies that go back to the municipalities if there            
 is a shared tax.                                                              
 SENATOR MILLER said CSSB 311 moved from committee with individual             

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