Legislature(1997 - 1998)

04/15/1997 01:38 PM Senate L&C

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            HB 138 BOARD OF STORAGE TANK ASSISTANCE                           
   CHAIRMAN LEMAN  announced  HB 138  to be up for consideration.             
  MR. JOHN BARNETT,  Executive Director, Board of Storage Tank                 
 Assistance, said that they have three roles assigned to them by the           
 legislature.  They are basically an appeal board to mediate                   
 disputes, review regulations presented to the department, and set             
 the ranking criteria for financial assistance applications.                   
   CHAIRMAN LEMAN said the bill did two things: extends the sunset             
 date and takes the DOT/PF member off and replaces him with a member           
 of the public.  MR. BARNETT responded that he agreed with that and            
 he said the public member would be the Commissioner's designee.               
  SENATOR KELLY  said that in general adding a public member who knows         
 nothing about the industry they are about to regulate is an 80s fad           
 that he has backed off on.  However, that being said, he moved to             
 pass HB 138 from committee with individual recommendations.                   
  CHAIRMAN LEMAN  objected to agree with Senator Kelly and asked Mr.           
 Barnett to take back the message that if this passes they would               
 like to see someone appointed who may not have a financial                    
 interest, but who may know something about the topic and could                
 provide good service to the board.  MR. BARNETT responded that                
 their intention was to get someone who was involved with  municipal           
 water systems who doesn't have an involvement directly with tanks,            
 but might be impacted by leaking tanks.  CHAIRMAN LEMAN removed his           
 objection and HB 138 was reported out of committee.                           

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