Legislature(1997 - 1998)

04/10/1997 04:30 PM L&C

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        HB  18 STATE PROCUREMENT DISABILITY PREFERENCES                       
 CHAIRMAN LEMAN announced  HB 18  to be up for consideration.                  
  REPRESENTATIVE JEANNETTE JAMES,  sponsor of HB 18, said existing law         
 for disabled people provides a bidder preference.  There is a                 
 preference for people who are identified as severely disabled by              
 the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, but it doesn't allow               
 them a preference when they are a corporation or a partnership or             
 other organized entity.  This gives them the option of determining            
 what fits their needs the best.  There is a $0 fiscal note and                
 support from the impacted departments of Education and                        
 Administration.  She said she has heard of no opposition to this              
  MR. VERN JONES,  Chief Procurement Officer, State of Alaska,                 
 supported HB 18 because it corrects some inequities and has a $0              
 fiscal note.                                                                  
  MR. DUANE FRENCH,  Director, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation,          
 said he supports HB 18 because it would be a more equitable system            
 for procurement for individuals with disabilities and will allow              
 partnerships where all partners are individuals with disabilities             
 to qualify under the bidders preference.  It's very positive for              
 people with disabilities so they can move off the public assistance           
 rolls and into the work force.                                                
 CHAIRMAN LEMAN announced an at ease from 5:12 - 5:13.                         
 Number 561                                                                    
  SENATOR MACKIE  moved to pass HB 18 with individual recommendations          
 and the $0 fiscal note.  There were no objections and it was so               

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