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03/07/1995 01:35 PM L&C

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 SL&C - 3/7/95                                                                 
           SB 25 REPEAL VEGETABLE DEALER LICENSING                          
 SENATOR DAVE DONLEY, sponsor of SB 25, explained SB 25 would                  
 eliminate an existing Alaska statute that currently requires people           
 who purchase vegetables for later sale to have a special license              
 and to post a $5,000 bond.  He stated although it may benefit some            
 people in the industry, it does not seem to be a necessary function           
 of state government to enforce.  If it was an appropriate role of             
 government, it would be appropriate to have state oversight of all            
 commercial transactions to protect the interests of anyone who                
 sells anything to anybody.  He commented because government has a             
 natural tendency to expand on its own, and it is difficult to cut             
 back on anything, this is an area the state could do without.  SB
 25 has support from the retail industry.  It was brought to the               
 attention of the Legislature by the Carrs chain.  Many small                  
 vendors have become aware of the law only since SB 25 has gained              
 attention and realize they are out of compliance.  The Department             
 has taken a neutral position on the bill.                                     
 Number 087                                                                    
 SENATOR MILLER commented the fiscal note shows only four to six               
 licenses are issued per year.                                                 
 There being no further testimony, SENATOR TORGERSON announced SB 25           
 would be held over in committee.  He adjourned the meeting at 3:15            

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