Legislature(1993 - 1994)

02/02/1993 01:35 PM Senate L&C

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  SENATOR KELLY introduced  SB 57 (EXTEND S.T.E.P.  PROGRAM TO                 
  1996) and invited SANDY SADDLER from the Department of Labor                 
  to begin the testimony.                                                      
  Number 143                                                                   
  MS SADDLER explained SB 57 was an act  that would extend the                 
  pilot project for the state  training and employment program                 
  known  as  S.T.E.P.   She  reviewed  the bill  packet  which                 
  contained three fiscal notes with the estimated revenues and                 
  expenditures for the training grants.                                        
  MS SADDLER explained  she was testifying  on behalf of  both                 
  the Department of Labor and  the Department of Community and                 
  Regional  Affairs.     She   began   by  giving   background                 
  information on the program, a request for an extension,  and                 
  the  impact  of  the S.T.E.P.  program  on  both departments                 
  during its existence.                                                        
  MS. SADDLER  claimed the  training program  had broad  based                 
  support from both labor and industry but explained more time                 
  was  needed  to  evaluate  the  qualitative  impact  of  the                 
  project.   She gave three  reasons for requesting  the three                 
  year extension rather than a permanent program  to allow for                 
  more evaluation of the program.                                              
  Number 196                                                                   
  SENATOR RIEGER  questioned the  fiscal note  and asked  what                 
  happened if more funds were collected than used.  MS SADDLER                 
  said  she  would need  to check  on  his question.   SENATOR                 
  RIEGER wanted to know what happened if the program collected                 
  less than used.                                                              
  JUDY  KNIGHT,  Director   of  the  Division  of   Employment                 
  Security, explained the money was deposited into the general                 
  fund. It was then  put into their account by the Division of                 
  Finance and the  Department of  Revenue.  She  said if  more                 
  money  was collected, it  remained in the  general fund, and                 
  only the  appropriation could be spent.                                      
  SENATOR RIEGER  moved to  pass SB   57  from committee  with                 
  individual  recommendations  and  the   accompanying  fiscal                 
  notes.  Without objections, so ordered.                                      

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