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        HJR 30 ENDORSE US COURT OF APPEALS-12TH CIRCUIT                       
  JEFF LOGAN , legislative assistant to Representative Joe Green who           
 sponsored HJR 30, explained that the resolution provides                      
 legislative support for a court system that is more responsive to             
 Alaska's needs and specifically to S 431 which has been introduced            
 by Senator Murkowski.  A March 12 press release from Senator                  
 Murkowski reports that Senator Stevens, Senators Craig and                    
 Kempthorne of Idaho, Senator Smith of Oregon, and Senator Gorton of           
 Washington have cosponsored the legislation, however Senator Burns            
 from Montana was also a co-sponsor.  Because of that omission in              
 the press release, Senator Burns' name was not included in HJR 30.            
 Mr. Logan asked the committee to consider amending HJR 30 to add              
 Senator Burns' name on page 1, line 10.                                       
  SENATOR PEARCE  asked why anyone would oppose HJR 30.   MR. LOGAN            
 answered he does not know of anyone who does.  He added there was             
 a question on the House floor in reference to a lawsuit the state             
 has an interest in that is named in the resolution but there was no           
 opposition during House committee hearings.                                   
  SENATOR PARNELL  moved HJR 30 as amended from committee with                 
 individual recommendations.  There being no objection, the motion             

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