Legislature(1997 - 1998)

04/23/1997 01:44 PM JUD

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           HB 119 INCREASE SMALL CLAIMS JURISDICTION                          
  REPRESENTATIVE MARK HODGINS , sponsor of HB 119, explained the               
 measure raises the limit amount in small claims court from $5,000             
 (set in 1986) to $7,500 to reflect inflation, and will allow people           
 to use that court for more small claims.  HB 119 maintains the $25            
 fee for claims of $1 to $2500 but raises the fee for claims from              
 $2500 to $7500 to $50.00.  He urged committee members to support              
 the measure.                                                                  
  CHAIRMAN TAYLOR  noted he supported the increase in 1986.  There             
 were no other witnesses to testify on HB 119.                                 
  SENATOR PARNELL  moved HB 119 from committee with individual                 

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