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       SB  19 REPEAL FED ENFORCEMENT DUTIES/F&G COMSNR                      
  JOSEPHINE HARDY , staff to Senator Sharp, sponsor of SB 19,                  
 explained SB 19 repeals the present statutory mandate, AS                     
 16.05.050, Section 1, reqiuring the State of Alaska to assist                 
 federal agencies in the enforcement of federal laws and regulations           
 as they apply to fish and game resources in Alaska.  In light of              
 aggressive federal actions to assume management of fish and game              
 over large areas of our State in violation of our Statehood                   
 Compact, Senator Sharp believes the repeal of this statute is                 
 prudent and in the best interests of the citizens of Alaska.  The             
 content of SB 19 was included in SB 77, sponsored by Senator Sharp            
 during the last legislative session, but was vetoed by the                    
  CHAIRMAN TAYLOR  believed the Alaska Peace Officers' Association             
 position before the Senate Resources Committee during the previous            
 session was that, as long as the legislation only removes the                 
 mandatory language that forces the Commissioner to enter into                 
 agreements, it did not object to the legislation.                             
  KEN TAYLOR , Department of Fish and Game, stated he was not aware of         
 any objections from ADFG on SB 19.                                            
  SENATOR PARNELL  moved SB 19 from committee with individual                  
 recommendations.  There being no objection, the motion carried.               

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