Legislature(1995 - 1996)

04/29/1995 02:30 PM JUD

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           SB 154 AGGRAVATING FACTORS AT SENTENCING                           
 MS. KNUTH testified on behalf of the Department of Law in support             
 of SB 154.  The bill was recommended by the Sentencing Commission             
 and fixes an oversight.  Currently, previous convictions for sexual           
 assault are considered as aggravators when sentencing sexual                  
 assault or sexual abuse perpetrators, however previous sexual abuse           
 convictions are not considered.  SB 154 allows previous sexual                
 abuse convictions to be considered as aggravators when sentencing             
 repeat offenders.  She was unaware of any opposition to SB 154.               
 Number 515                                                                    
 SENATOR TAYLOR commented it is sad that the court system is so                
 strictly regulated in what can and cannot be applied when                     
 sentencing a repeat offender.                                                 
 JAYNE ANDREEN, Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault,               
 testified in support of SB 154.  The CDVSA believes it is very                
 important when dealing with offenders with a high recidivism rate             
 that the court be able to review their full criminal history when             
 making sentencing decisions.                                                  
 SENATOR GREEN moved SB 154 out of committee with individual                   
 recommendations.  There being no objections, the motion carried.              

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