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              SB 102 RELEASE OF JUVENILE RECORDS                             
 SENATOR SALO, sponsor of SB 102, explained Superior Court judges              
 have access to juvenile records, so that if an adult is convicted             
 of a crime, the judge can open the juvenile file to review the                
 person's past record.  District Court judges do not have the same             
 access to those records and are required to follow time consuming             
 procedures to get access.  SB 102 gives the District Court the same           
 authority to review juvenile records and adds that either court               
 could review records for the purpose of setting bail or sentencing.           
 Number 272                                                                    
 SENATOR ADAMS asked for an explanation of the procedure a District            
 Court judge must go through to review juvenile records.  SENATOR              
 SALO replied the District Court judge must be appointed as a                  
 Superior Court judge Pro tempore to get the authority to review the           
 records.  It is a cumbersome process that is alleviated in SB 102.            
 SENATOR GREEN noted her support for the measure and moved SB 102              
 out of committee with individual recommendations.  There being no             
 objection, the motion carried.                                                

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