Legislature(1993 - 1994)

04/20/1993 05:05 PM Senate JUD

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 SENATOR TAYLOR introduced  HB 225  (NOTICE OF APPROPRIATIONS ON               
 PFD'S) as the next order of business.                                         
 MICHAEL MORTER, staff to Representative Sean Parnell,                         
 explained the HB 225 was developed as a vehicle to provide the                
 Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault with partial                  
 funding outside the general revenue stream.  It was felt that                 
 a felon's permanent fund dividends are a pertinent source for                 
 the Council's work.                                                           
 Mr. Morter noted that the conference committee is working on                  
 the capital budget, and it has been proposed that $750,000 be                 
 shifted from what would be considered the "felon's permanent                  
 fund pool" to the Department of Public Safety and into the                    
 Councils' budget.                                                             
 Number 435                                                                    
 TOM WILLIAMS, Director, Permanent Fund Dividend Division,                     
 Department of Revenue, clarified for the committee that the                   
 legislation does not deal with attachments of individual                      
 dividends.  There is an amount equivalent that would have been                
 paid to incarcerated felons had they been ineligible, and                     
 those funds are being appropriated to agencies that deal with                 
 incarcerated felons.  Incarcerated felons are denied                          
 eligibility for dividends and the amount that would have been                 
 paid to them is used to fund other government programs.                       
 SENATOR DONLEY asked if it was correct that these groups are                  
 eligible, but it is up to the legislature to write into the                   
 budget how much of that money goes to each of these groups.                   
 TOM WILLIAMS acknowledged that was correct.                                   
 Number 450                                                                    
 There being no further testimony on HB 225, SENATOR TAYLOR                    
 asked for the pleasure of the committee.                                      
 SENATOR DONLEY moved that HB 225 be passed out of committee                   
 with individual recommendations.  Hearing no objection, it was                
 so ordered.                                                                   

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