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04/26/1999 01:32 PM HES

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         SJR 22-NATL. MUSEUM WOMEN'S HISTORY AK COUNCIL                                                                         
Number 567                                                                                                                      
MS. PORTIA PARKER, Staff Aide, said she was testifying on behalf                                                                
of Senator Green, the prime sponsor of SJR 22.  She explained the                                                               
resolution was introduced to support the efforts of the National                                                                
Museum of Women's History organization and to encourage the 106th                                                               
Congress to designate a suitable site for the museum.  Once that                                                                
is accomplished, the museum will be completely privately funded.                                                                
Their suggestion is the Auditor's Building, an older building in                                                                
downtown D.C. currently housing some of the U.S. Forest Service.                                                                
The USFS is being downsized and is only taking up a portion of                                                                  
the building.  It needs extensive renovation and restoration                                                                    
which will also be privately funded, as will the maintenance and                                                                
upkeep and the operating costs of the museum.                                                                                   
The resolution encourages support for this organization and the                                                                 
development of a private Alaska chapter.  Money would be raised                                                                 
from the public.  Fifty-three members of Congress are serving on                                                                
the honorary board of trustees.  Nancy Murkowski is serving on                                                                  
the board of advisors. As of March 1999, the organization had                                                                   
raised over $10 million.                                                                                                        
SENATOR PEARCE moved SJR 22 from committee with individual                                                                      
recommendations.  Without objection, it was so ordered.                                                                         

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