Legislature(1997 - 1998)

01/21/1998 09:00 AM HES

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        SB 146 - PUBLIC SCHOOL FUNDING/CHILD CARE GRANTS                       
CHAIRMAN WILKEN noted the following teleconference sites were                  
connected on a listen-only basis:  Anchorage, Barrow, Glenallen,               
Seward, Valdez and Cordova.  He informed committee members the                 
proposed committee substitute in members' packets (Draft Q) is the             
same as the bill reviewed last year but has been updated to reflect            
1998 dates.                                                                    
SENATOR LEMAN moved to adopt CSSB 146(HESS) (0-LS0775\Q-Ford) as               
the working document of the committee.  There being no objection,              
the motion carried.                                                            
CHAIRMAN WILKEN noted his intent to pass CSSB 146(HESS) from                   
committee today.  SENATOR GREEN so moved.                                      
CHAIRMAN WILKEN explained CSSB 146(HESS) is one attempt to revise              
how public education is funded in the State of Alaska.  This bill              
was the subject of discussion in this committee on March 24, April             
4, and April 9, of 1997.  During the interim, the Senate HESS                  
committee conducted six town meetings in which public testimony was            
taken on SB 146 as well as the other education funding bills.  This            
bill was presented to school superintendents at their convention in            
October, and to the State PTA in November, and has been discussed              
with Common Sense for Alaska and at least one Chamber of Commerce              
around the State.  He stated it is time to move the bill on to the             
Senate Finance Committee where there are other related bills being             
There being no further discussion on CSSB 146(HESS), CHAIRMAN                  
WILKEN announced the motion to move the bill to the next committee             
of referral with individual recommendations carried.                           

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