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02/15/1995 09:06 AM HES

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 SHES - 2/15/95                                                                
        SB  62 BIRTH CERTIFICATES FOR CERTAIN ADOPTEES                       
 Number 325                                                                    
 CHAIRMAN GREEN introduced  SB 62  as the next order of business               
 before the committee.                                                         
 RACHEL SNIGAROFF, staff to Senator Green, explained that SB 62                
 changes the law to allow foreign born adopted children to receive             
 an Alaskan birth certificate after the age of 18.  Vital Statistics           
 and Immigration do not foresee any problem with SB 62.                        
 LARRY DEVILBISS, representing the family that requested the                   
 legislation, expressed appreciation for this legislation.  He noted           
 that the family had been working for such legislation for more than           
 20 years.  SB 62 would help numerous families in Alaska.  He                  
 explained that his adopted brother, Brian, has been unable to get             
 a birth certificate which also means that he is unable to obtain a            
 passport.  This has posed problems for him in his job as a                    
 commercial trucker who frequently crosses into Canada.                        
 MAXINE DEVILBISS, mother of an adopted child, appreciated the                 
 legislation.  She recounted her story with her adopted son.  In               
 response to Chairman Green, Ms. DeVilbiss said that her son was               
 adopted in Korea in 1963 and was adopted in Alaska in 1964.                   
 SENATOR MILLER moved that SB 62 be moved out of committee with                
 individual recommendations.  Without objection, it was so ordered.            

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