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04/01/1998 10:05 AM Senate FIN

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SENATE BILL NO. 233                                                            
"An Act extending the termination date of the Alcoholic                        
Beverage Control Board."                                                       
Co-Chair Sharp announced that after discussion at the last                     
meeting and recommendations and concerns of some committee                     
members, a new CS Workdraft was prepared.  This was                            
Workdraft version H, which addressed the major concerns of                     
the committee and the ABC board that new licenses not be                       
established if at all possible.                                                
Senator Adams said to his understanding they were discussing                   
the golf course.  He asked where that issue was with regard                    
to the new CS, was it in or out.  Co-Chair Sharp said the                      
"H" version would just expand the definition of a                              
recreational site license when it involved a golf course.                      
Senator Donley asked if the recreational site license would                    
allow a golf cart to go around with beer on it. He stated                      
that these licenses are really complicated and that it was                     
amazing how strict they were.  He wasn't clear if the                          
recreational license allowed the mobile-type sales or not.                     
Co-Chair Sharp said that according to the Drafter, in                          
Section 2 the definition of a golf course was tightened up                     
so that it must be a real golf course rather than a mini-                      
golf course.  Item 2 would allow alcoholic beverages sold on                   
the site, whether it was a baseball field or a golf course                     
as in this case.                                                               
Senator Torgerson said he appreciated the definition of golf                   
courses, but did this include mini-golf courses if they had                    
nine holes.                                                                    
It was pointed out that the language said "nine holes or                       
2950 yards."  Co-Chair Sharp noted that it should say "and".                   
Senator Donley suggested that was simply a technical change                    
that could be addressed along with the main motion.                            
He moved Senate Finance Committee Substitute for SB 233,                       
Version H with one change on Line 13, deleting "or" and                        
inserting "and" out of committee.  Senator Adams objected,                     
saying the bill was too broad in referring to golf courses                     
and baseball areas.  He noted that many tournaments were                       
held across the state where an increased amount of alcohol                     
was being served.                                                              
Senator Torgerson asked if the 2950 yards left out any golf                    
courses in Alaska.  He didn't know the length of golf                          
courses.  Co-Chair Sharp said to his understanding that                        
covered all legitimate sized golf courses that weren't mini-                   
courses or small, executive courses in neighborhoods.                          
Senator Donley added that there might be one small course in                   
Anchorage that wouldn't qualify.                                               
Co-Chair Sharp asked for a roll call to be taken.  The                         
Workdraft, Version H was adopted by a vote of 6-1 (Senator                     
Adams nay.)                                                                    
Co-Chair Sharp announced the schedule for the next day's                       
meeting.  He stated SB 233 would be first on the calendar                      
with Senator Donley's amendments to that bill.                                 

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