Legislature(1997 - 1998)

04/25/1997 10:12 AM FIN

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       CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 34(TRA)                                          
       "An Act giving notice of and approving a lease-purchase                 
       agreement with the  City of Soldotna for  a maintenance                 
  facility  of  the Department  of  Transportation and  Public                 
  Co-chair  Sharp  introduced  SB  34.      Senator  Torgerson                 
  explained the difference to the new CS (TRA).  He moved CSSB
  34  (TRA), O-LS0263\K,  4/24/97,  Bannister) for  discussion                 
  purposes.  Senator Adams objected.  Senator Torgerson gave a                 
  brief explanation  of the  bill in  the working draft  form.                 
  Senator  Adams  removed his  objection.   Senator  Torgerson                 
  moved  CSSB  34 (FIN)  with  individual  recommendations and                 
  accompanying  fiscal notes  and  without  objection  it  was                 
  reported out.                                                                

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