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04/30/1996 10:40 PM FIN

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  SENATE BILL NO. 265                                                          
       An  Act relating  to  receipts of  commercial fisheries                 
       test fishing operations; and providing for an effective                 
  Co-chairman Halford directed  that SB 265 be brought  on for                 
  discussion.  Co-chairman  Frank referenced a draft  CSSB 265                 
  (Fin) (9-LS1614\F, Utermohle, 4/29/96) and explained that he                 
  worked  with  the  department to  expand  the  definition of                 
  "program receipts" to accommodate a  list of revenue neutral                 
  "restricted  program  receipts."    The  intent  is  not  to                 
  unintentionally cut  (from the  budget) operations that  are                 
  self-supporting and not  dependent upon general funds.   The                 
  proposed draft accomplishes that.                                            
  Co-chairman  Frank  next  noted  that  the  draft  was  also                 
  intended to cover  the commercial test fishery  contained in                 
  the original bill.  The Office  of Management and Budget has                 
  since  indicated that  specific  language  relating  to  the                 
  fishery must be added to the  draft.  Co-chairman Frank thus                 
  referenced  a  proposed amendment  dated  4/30/96.   He then                 
  MOVED for adoption of CSSB 265  ("F" version, dated 4/29/96)                 
  including the commercial fisheries test fishing amendment as                 
  a technical correction.   No  objection having been  raised,                 
  CSSB 265 (Fin) was ADOPTED  with the accompanying commercial                 
  fisheries test fishing amendment.                                            
  Co-chairman  Frank  MOVED  that  CSSB  265 (Fin)  pass  from                 
  committee with individual  recommendations and  accompanying                 
  fiscal notes.   The  Co-chairman subsequently  remarked that                 
  the fiscal note  should be  revised to reflect  a change  in                 
  funding  source  from general  funds  to  restricted program                 
  Senator  Sharp raised  a question  concerning listings  that                 
  have   not  yet   been   authorized.     Co-chairman   Frank                 
  acknowledged  that  the list  reflects  items in  the budget                 
  request.    Items  would have  to  be  authorized  in budget                 
  documents.  Mere listing on an attachment to the fiscal note                 
  does not provide that authority.   TOM WILLIAMS, aide to Co-                 
  chairman Frank, further  advised that the list  was prepared                 
  by the Office  of Management  and Budget.   It merely  lists                 
  everything funded from designated program receipts and  sets                 
  forth potential items that could be impacted.                                
  Co-chairman Halford called for objections  to passage of the                 
  bill.  No objection  having been raised, CSSB 265  (Fin) was                 
  REPORTED OUT  of committee with  a ($7,731.4) note  from the                 
  Office of Management  and Budget  to be  applied to  various                 
  departments.   Co-chairmen  Halford  and Frank  and  Senator                 
  Zharoff  signed  the  committee  report  with  a  "do  pass"                 
  recommendation.    Senators  Donley,  Phillips, Rieger,  and                 
  Sharp signed "no recommendation."                                            

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