Legislature(1995 - 1996)

05/06/1995 09:40 AM FIN

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  SENATE BILL NO. 167                                                          
       An Act relating to day  fines in certain criminal cases                 
       and release of  employment information  for use in  the                 
       collection of criminal judgments.                                       
  Co-chairman Halford inquired  concerning the status of  work                 
  on SB 167.  Senator  Rieger commented upon feedback received                 
  from the Council on Domestic  Violence and the Alaska  Court                 
  System and said  that agencies involved in the issue have no                 
  problem with additional  work being done during  the interim                 
  to  make  the bill  more meaningful.    The court  system is                 
  hesitant  to implement  the program as  presently envisioned                 
  since it does  not appear  to get to  the targeted  problem.                 
  Co-chairman Halford directed that SB 167 be held for interim                 
  work in a subcommittee chaired by Senator Rieger.                            

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