Legislature(1993 - 1994)

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  SENATE BILL NO. 383                                                          
       An  Act making and  amending appropriations relating to                 
       the mental health  trust fund, the mental  health trust                 
       income account, and the mental health trust  settlement                 
       income account; and providing for an effective date.                    
  (NOTE:   See  minutes  of Joint  House  and  Senate  Finance                 
  Committee meeting  of this  date for lengthy  teleconference                 
  discussion of mental health trust legislation.)                              
  Upon convening  the meeting, Co-chair  Pearce announced that                 
  SB 382 and  SB 383 were simultaneously  before committee for                 
  discussion and action.   She referenced the letter  from the                 
  Governor and zero fiscal note accompanying SB 382 and called                 
  for discussion.  None was forthcoming.                                       
  Senator Kerttula MOVED that SB  382 pass from committee with                 
  individual  recommendations.   Co-chair  Frank advised  that                 
  lengthy discussion of the legislation during the immediately                 
  preceding Joint House  and Senate Finance  Committee meeting                 
  dispensed with most  of his questions.   He then said  that,                 
  having read Judge  Greene's decision, he was  satisfied that                 
  the proposed legislation addresses concerns, and  passage at                 
  this  time  is  appropriate.    Co-chair Pearce  called  for                 
  objections to the  motion for passage with  the accompanying                 
  fiscal note.   No objection having  been raised, SB 382  was                 
  REPORTED  OUT  of  committee  with  a  unanimous  "do  pass"                 
  recommendation and zero  fiscal note  for all agencies  from                 
  the Office of Management and Budget.                                         
  Senator Kerttula MOVED for passage of SB 383 with individual                 
  recommendations.  Co-chair Pearce called for objections.  No                 
  objection having  been raised,  SB 383 was  REPORTED OUT  of                 
  committee with a unanimous "do pass" recommendation.                         
  End:      SFC-94, #95, Side 1                                                
  Begin:    SFC-94, #95, Side 2                                                
  Co-chair    Pearce    thanked    representatives   of    the                 
  administration and attorneys  for plaintiffs  in the  mental                 
  health   trust   litigation   for   their   assistance   and                 
  responsiveness to questions  and concerns.   She noted  that                 
  that  cooperation enabled  the legislature  to "take  action                 
  very quickly" during this second special session.                            
  The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:20 p.m.                         

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