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  HB 455 - APPROP: GOVERNOR'S SUPPLEMENTAL                                     
  Co-chair Pearce directed that CSHB 455 (Fin)am be brought on                 
  for  discussion and  referenced a  work draft  SCS CSHB  455                 
  (Finance) (8-GH2040\X, Cramer/Utermohle, 5/10/94).  Co-chair                 
  Frank further referenced a May 10, 1994, memorandum (copy on                 
  file) listing  reductions to the House bill reflected in the                 
  above  work  draft.    He  then enumerated  the  reductions.                 
  Speaking  to  selected, specific  reductions,  Senator Frank                 
  explained that the  reduction in  general relief medical  is                 
  intended to place additional pressure on the Dept. of Health                 
  and  Social  Services.   Funding  to the  Alaska Psychiatric                 
  Institute  was  reduced   by  the  amount  of   new  federal                 
  disproportionate  share  moneys  ($400.0).   The  Harborview                 
  Development Center request for certification was not funded.                 
  Fire suppression  was also  reduced by  ($400.0), since  the                 
  request  represents  an estimate  of  what might  be needed.                 
  Funding of $200.0  for Spring Creek Correctional  Center was                 
  deleted because new money  for new beds was not  included in                 
  the  operating   budget.     Deletion  of   $36.7  for   air                 
  quality/solid   waste   management  reflects   prior  intent                 
  language asking that the Dept. of Environmental Conservation                 
  cover  small appropriation items within its existing budget.                 
  Deletion  of  $163.9 for  Spring  Creek  Correctional Center                 
  relates  to settlement  of litigation  involving  the canine                 
  unit.     Co-chair  Frank   voiced  his  understanding  that                 
  department staff sought overtime  pay for voluntarily taking                 
  department  dogs  home   with  them  and  caring   for  them                 
  overnight. The Co-chair recommended  that the settlement not                 
  be funded.  The $50.0 reduction to family and youth services                 
  within  the Dept.  of Health  and Social  Services was  made                 
  because the supplemental request was  small in comparison to                 
  the overall department budget.                                               
  In his  concluding  remarks,  Co-chair  Frank  referenced  a                 
  proposed amendment by Senator Jacko  for funding for RATNET.                 
  Co-chair Frank  MOVED  for  adoption of  the  work  draft  X                 
  version of SCS CSHB 455 (Finance).  No objection having been                 
  raised, SCS CSHB 455 (Finance) was ADOPTED.   Co-chair Frank                 
  then MOVED  for adoption  of Amendment  No. 1  appropriating                 
  $55,000 in  general funds to the Dept. of Administration for                 
  operating costs of  the Rural Alaska Television  Network for                 
  the fiscal year ending  June 30, 1994.  No  objection having                 
  been raised,  Amendment No. 1  was ADOPTED.   Co-chair Frank                 
  then  MOVED,  as  Amendment  No.  2,  reinstatement  of  the                 
  $163,861  in  general funds  for  settlement of  canine unit                 
  overtime litigation.   Senator Rieger asked if  funding of a                 
  court  settlement  is  different  than   funding  for  labor                 
  agreements in that  the Dept. of  Corrections would have  to                 
  pay  the  settlement  even  if   the  legislature  does  not                 
  appropriate the  funds.   Co-chair Frank  concurred in  that                 
  understanding but  advised that he  would conduct additional                 
  research prior to a floor vote on the bill.  He acknowledged                 
  his preference  for denying  the funding.   Co-chair  Pearce                 
  voiced  her  understanding  that  the pending  motion  would                 
  reinstate  the  following Sec.  51  language from  the House                 
       The  sum  of  $163,861  is  appropriated  from the                      
       general fund to the  Department of Corrections for                      
       settlement of the canine  unit overtime litigation                      
       for the year ending June 30, 1994.                                      
  Senator  Sharp  voiced  his preference  for  removal  of the                 
  appropriation if the settlement is found to be something the                 
  state does not have to pay.                                                  
  Co-chair Pearce called for a show  of hands on Amendment No.                 
  2.  The motion CARRIED with no opposition, and the amendment                 
  was ADOPTED.                                                                 
  Co-chair Frank MOVED  that SCS CSHB 455 (Finance)  pass from                 
  committee  with  individual recommendations.    No objection                 
  having been raised, SCS CSHB  455 (Finance) was REPORTED OUT                 
  of committee with a unanimous "do pass" recommendation.                      
  Co-chair  Pearce extended  her  thanks  and appreciation  to                 
  committee  members and  staff  for the  cooperative  working                 
  relationship  during the past two sessions.  The meeting was                 
  adjourned at approximately 1:15 p.m.                                         

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