Legislature(1993 - 1994)

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  HOUSE BILL NO. 548                                                           
       Act relating to the construction  of the Alaska Orbital                 
       Launch  Complex  by  the  Alaska Aerospace  Development                 
  Co-chair  Pearce  directed that  HB  548 be  brought  on for                 
  discussion.  She  explained that  the companion Senate  bill                 
  (SB 381) was previously reported out of committee and is now                 
  in Rules.  The Senate version  had a full committee hearing.                 
  She next referenced  a zero  fiscal note from  the Dept.  of                 
  Commerce and Economic  Development, a picture of  the launch                 
  stages,  an  artist's  conception  of  the  launch  complex,                 
  information   from   the   Alaska    Aerospace   Development                 
  Corporation, and assorted correspondence.  The Co-chair then                 
  queried members regarding disposition of  the bill.  Senator                 
  Jacko MOVED  that HB 548 pass from committee with individual                 
  recommendations.  No  objection having  been raised, HB  548                 
  was REPORTED OUT of  committee with a zero fiscal  note from                 
  the Dept. of  Commerce and Economic Development.   Co-chairs                 
  Frank and  Pearce and  Senators Jacko and  Kelly signed  the                 
  committee report with a "do  pass" recommendation.  Senators                 
  Kerttula, Rieger, and Sharp signed "no recommendation."                      

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