Legislature(1993 - 1994)

04/19/1994 08:30 AM Senate FIN

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  CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 453(FIN)                                               
       An  Act  establishing,  for purposes  of  the  levy and                 
       collection  of the  motor fuel  tax and  for a  limited                 
       period, a different tax levy on residual  fuel oil used                 
       in  and  on certain  watercraft;  and providing  for an                 
       effective date.                                                         
  Co-chair Pearce directed that  CSHB 453 (Fin) be  brought on                 
  for discussion and noted discussion  of the identical Senate                 
  version  at the previous meeting.  Senator Rieger MOVED that                 
  CSHB  453   (Fin)  pass   from  committee   with  individual                 
  recommendations.  No objection having  been raised, CSHB 453                 
  (Fin) was REPORTED OUT of  committee with zero fiscal  notes                 
  from the Dept.  of Revenue and  the Dept. of  Transportation                 
  and  Public  Facilities.   Co-chairs  Pearce  and  Frank and                 
  Senators  Kelly,  Rieger,  and Sharp  signed  the  committee                 
  report with a  "do pass"  recommendation.  Senator  Kerttula                 
  signed "no recommendation."                                                  

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