Legislature(1993 - 1994)

04/19/1994 08:30 AM FIN

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  CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 183(FIN) am                                            
       An Act directing the identification and  delineation of                 
       a transportation and utility corridor between Fairbanks                 
       and  the   Seward  Peninsula;  and   providing  for  an                 
       effective date.                                                         
  Co-chair Pearce directed that CSHB  183(Fin)am be brought on                 
  for discussion  and referenced  file materials, including  a                 
  position paper from  the Dept. of Transportation  and Public                 
  Facilities indicating opposition to a portion of the bill.                   
  WALT  WILCOX,  aide  to Representative  James,  came  before                 
  committee.    Directing attention  to  earlier mention  of a                 
  position paper from  the Dept. of Transportation  and Public                 
  Facilities, Mr.  Wilcox  referenced  a  subsequent  position                 
  statement and noted that the  objectionable section has been                 
  removed from the bill.   Co-chair Pearce sought verification                 
  from the  department.  CLYDE  STOLTZFUS, Special  Assistant,                 
  Dept.  of Transportation  and  Public Facilities,  indicated                 
  support for the bill.                                                        
  Senator  Sharp   noted  that  Senate   Transportation  added                 
  language  to   accommodate  Senator  Kerttula.     He   then                 
  specifically noted the following wording at page 1, lines 12                 
  and 13:                                                                      
       together with adjacent sites that  can be developed for                 
       necessary construction materials                                        
  Senator Sharp then MOVED  that SCS CSHB 183 (TRA)  pass from                 
  committee   with   individual   recommendations    and   the                 
  accompanying zero  fiscal note.   No  objection having  been                 
  raised,  SCS CSHB  183 (TRA)  was REPORTED OUT  of committee                 
  with  a zero  House Finance  Committee fiscal  note for  the                 
  Dept. of  Transportation  and Public  Facilities.   Co-chair                 
  Frank  and  Senators  Kelly, Rieger,  and  Sharp  signed the                 
  committee report with a "do  pass" recommendation.  Co-chair                 
  Pearce and Senator Kerttula signed "no recommendation."                      

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