Legislature(1993 - 1994)

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  SENATE BILL NO. 294                                                          
       An  Act   relating  to  canned  salmon   classics;  and                 
       providing for an effective date.                                        
  TERRY  OTTNESS,   aide  to   Senator  Taylor,  came   before                 
  committee.  He explained that the legislation was introduced                 
  at the request of the Petersburg  Chamber of Commerce.  Last                 
  year,  the  chamber  implemented  a  canned  salmon  classic                 
  whereby  the person who  most closely guessed  the number of                 
  cases of salmon packed by Petersburg canneries won a  prize.                 
  Receipts   from   the  classic   fund  the   prize,  chamber                 
  operations, and  a student scholarship.  Current regulations                 
  establish  a  50-cent  per-ticket  limit  for  special  draw                 
  raffles.     The  proposed  legislation  would   permit  the                 
  Petersburg Chamber of Commerce to raise the ticket price for                 
  the canned salmon classic to $2.00, and allow the classic to                 
  join other state-sanctioned lotteries such as the Nenana Ice                 
  Classic.  Tickets would be  sold throughout Southeast.   The                 
  proposal is  supported by other Southeast Alaska communities                 
  and the Alaska Trollers' Association.                                        
  PATRICK  WILSON,  Chairman,  Canned   Salmon  Classic,  next                 
  testified via teleconference from  Petersburg.  He explained                 
  that the  classic  is intended  to  focus attention  on  the                 
  community of Petersburg  and raise moneys for  promotion and                 
  scholarships.  The classic was successful in its first year.                 
  The  plan  for  this  year  is  to  expand  into  ten  other                 
  communities.  The City of Petersburg has received permission                 
  from those communities  to do so.   An October seafood  fest                 
  was organized  in conjunction with  the classic, and  300 to                 
  400   people  participated.     Local  canneries   are  very                 
  supportive of the classic which has focused awareness on the                 
  seafood industry.   The  Alaska Seafood Marketing  Institute                 
  was helpful in providing pamphlets and brochures, containing                 
  recipes, for public distribution.                                            
  Co-chair Pearce called for additional testimony on the bill.                 
  None was forthcoming.                                                        
  Senator Kerttula MOVED for passage of SB 294 with individual                 
  recommendations.  No  objection having  been raised, SB  294                 
  was REPORTED OUT of  committee with a zero fiscal  note from                 
  the  Dept. of  Revenue.   All members  signed  the committee                 
  report with a "do pass" recommendation with the exception of                 
  Senator Jacko who  was absent from  the meeting and did  not                 

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