Legislature(1993 - 1994)

05/04/1993 03:10 PM Senate FIN

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HB 264
HB 275
HJR 27
  HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 27:                                               
       Relating to  an amendment  to the  Constitution of  the                 
       United States  prohibiting desecration  of the  Flag of                 
       the United States.                                                      
  Co-chair  Pearce  announced  that  HJR  27  was  before  the                 
  committee.      She   invited   Bill  Stoltze,   staff   for                 
  Representative Ed Willis, to speak to the resolution.                        
  BILL  STOLTZE  said that  HJR 27  asked  Congress to  pass a                 
  specific   constitutional    amendment   prohibiting    flag                 
  desecrations and requests  several other  states to join  in                 
  this request.  He said that  31 states had already submitted                 
  requests  but  that it  would  take  38 states  to  pass the                 
  amendment.   He said  that the American  Legion and  several                 
  other  veterans'  organizations  were  in  support  of  this                 
  Senator Kelly MOVED  for passage of  HJR 27 with  individual                 
  recommendations.    No objections  being  heard, HJR  27 was                 
  REPORTED OUT of committee  with a zero fiscal note  from the                 
  House  Judiciary  Committee.   Co-chair  Frank  and Senators                 
  Sharp, Jacko, Kelly  and Kerttula signed  a "do pass."   Co-                 
  chair Pearce and Senator Rieger signed "no recommendation."                  
  The meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:55 p.m.                         

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