Legislature(1993 - 1994)

04/14/1993 09:15 AM FIN

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  SENATE BILL NO. 128                                                          
       An Act relating to legislative audits.                                  
  Co-chair  Frank  directed attention  to  an April  13, 1993,                 
  policy statement (copy on file in  the original SB 128 file,                 
  Division  of  Legislative  Finance)  from  the  Division  of                 
  Legislative Audit.   He then MOVED to  adopt recommendations                 
  within the policy statement into a conceptual Senate Finance                 
  Committee letter of intent.   He further recommended that  a                 
  zero Senate Finance fiscal note  accompany the bill and that                 
  the policy recommendations  be forwarded to  the Legislative                 
  Budget and Audit Committee.                                                  
  Senator Kerttula  asked if  the foregoing  directive in  the                 
  letter of intent and  policy recommendations for Legislative                 
  Budget  and  Audit   Committee  would  raise  constitutional                 
  issues.  Co-chair  Frank said that,  to his knowledge,  none                 
  would be posed.  No objection to the letter of intent having                 
  been raised, it was ADOPTED.                                                 
  Co-chair  Frank next  MOVED  for adoption  of a  zero Senate                 
  Finance Committee  fiscal note.   No  objection having  been                 
  raised, the zero note was ADOPTED.                                           
  Co-chair Frank MOVED for passage of  CSSB 128 (STA) with the                 
  accompanying letter  of intent  and  zero fiscal  note.   No                 
  objection having been  raised, CSSB  128 (STA) was  REPORTED                 
  OUT of  committee with the  Senate Finance letter  of intent                 
  and a zero Senate Finance fiscal note for the Office  of the                 
  Governor/Office  of  Management  and  Budget.    All members                 
  present  signed   the  committee   report  with   "do  pass"                 
  recommendation with  the exception  of Senator Kerttula  who                 
  signed "no recommendation."                                                  

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