Legislature(1993 - 1994)

03/01/1993 09:10 AM Senate FIN

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  SENATE BILL NO. 49:                                                          
       An  Act relating  to preelection  reports; closing  the                 
       two-day  reporting gap  in those  reports;  setting the                 
       date  of  February  15  for  filing  year-end  campaign                 
       finance  reports;  and   requiring  reporting  of  zero                 
       year-end reports.                                                       
  Co-chair Pearce invited Senator Kelly,  sponsor of SB 49, to                 
  speak to the bill.  He said the major provisions of the bill                 
  would close a two day loophole, and make some changes to the                 
  campaign reporting laws.   JOSH FINK, aid to  Senator Kelly,                 
  said that SB 49 would change  the deadline for the year  end                 
  reports from  December 31 to  February 15.   Currently, APOC                 
  does accept reports by January 15 but  February 15 is a more                 
  practical date.   The  scope of  the year  end report  would                 
  change making  it easier  to read  and  understand, and  the                 
  filing of zero year end reports would become mandatory.  Mr.                 
  Fink explained that  APOC then could  monitor the filing  of                 
  those reports and levy fines on those who do not file.                       
  BROOKE   MILES,   Administrator,   Alaska   Public   Offices                 
  Commission (APOC),  Department of  Administration, spoke  in                 
  support  of  SB 49.   She  said  the bill  accomplishes some                 
  housekeeping that  APOC has  supported for  the last  twelve                 
  years.    She  said that  closing  the  two-day  gap in  the                 
  reporting   period  was   very  important   because  24-hour                 
  reporting   is  required   when   a  candidate   receives  a                 
  contribution over $250.  Because of  the existing gap of two                 
  days, candidates  can now  receive  contributions over  $250                 
  during the two days, and the public is not aware of it until                 
  after the election.                                                          
  Senator Kelly MOVED for passage of SB 49 from committee with                 
  accompanying  fiscal  notes.    No  objections  having  been                 
  raised, SB  49 was  REPORTED OUT  of committee  with a  zero                 
  fiscal note  for the  Department  of Administration,  Alaska                 
  Public  Offices  Commission.   Co-chairs  Pearce  and Frank,                 
  Senators  Kelly and Sharp signed the committee report with a                 
  "do pass"  recommendation.   Senator Kerttula  signed a  "no                 
  recommendation."  Senators Jacko and  Rieger were absent and                 
  did not sign.                                                                
  The meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:30 a.m.                        

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