Legislature(1993 - 1994)

03/09/1993 09:06 AM CRA

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  GAMING; PRIZE AMOUNTS) as the next order of business.                        
  SENATOR  FRED ZHAROFF,  prime  sponsor of  SB  95, said  the                 
  legislation  is an  attempt to  clarify what  is already  in                 
  statute.    It establishes  a  new charitable  gaming permit                 
  called a multiple-beneficiary permit.                                        
  Senator Zharoff said the terms of the legislation allows two                 
  to six  entities that would  otherwise qualify for  a gaming                 
  permit to join together and apply for a multiple-beneficiary                 
  permit.  It allows the permit  holders to operate without an                 
  operator to give them more control.                                          
  Number 354                                                                   
  JOHN  HANSEN,  Program  Manger,  Department  of  Commerce  &                 
  Economic  Development,  stated  this   is  already  done  by                 
  regulation and this would recognize it in statute.                           
  Mr. Hansen  noted that the department has  prepared a fiscal                 
  note to fund a  position that would actually be  responsible                 
  for issuing these new class of licenses.                                     
  Number 362                                                                   
  SENATOR TAYLOR asked what impact this legislation would have                 
  on the current  permittees that are operating.   JOHN HANSEN                 
  answered that there are approximately seven groups of people                 
  that are doing  this in the state right now.   They would be                 
  recognized as  a separate entity and that would require them                 
  to get licenses and to file  the same reports that operators                 
  do.    In some  instances,  it would  make  their operations                 
  easier because  they could  buy pull-tabs  under one  permit                 
  number,  but  there  will  also  be  an  increase  in  their                 
  reporting  requirements.   The  legislation  will  allow the                 
  permittees to join together at  a single facility, share the                 
  expenses,  and  get  a  single permit  to  operate  that one                 
  Number 394                                                                   
  SENATOR  ZHAROFF  raised his  concern  with the  fiscal note                 
  because  he  didn't  think it  would  involve  an additional                 
  person because this is something that is already being done.                 
  JOHN  HANSEN  responded  that the  department  is  issuing a                 
  tremendous  amount  of  licenses  already.   They  have  one                 
  examiner performing this  duty and  right now he  is over  a                 
  five weeks behind.  The bill will probably recognize another                 
  30 to 40 organizations that may want to join together and do                 
  these activities and they will be  required to file separate                 
  applications  for  each  of  those  locations,   which  will                 
  increase the workload  and push the issuance of  the permits                 
  seven or eight weeks behind.                                                 
  Number 410                                                                   
  CHAIRMAN RANDY PHILLIPS directed attention  to a letter from                 
  the Juneau  Soccer Club in  support of the  legislation, but                 
  suggesting some changes.   JOHN HANSEN said he has  seen the                 
  letter,  and  the  concerns  outlined   in  the  letter  are                 
  addressed in the legislation.                                                
  CHAIRMAN PHILLIPS also  directed attention to a  letter from                 
  Pat  Vincent,  Executive  Officer   of  the  Kenai  Builders                 
  Association. JOHN  HANSEN explained that  the bill prohibits                 
  the people that hold  these permits from operating in  other                 
  locations by saying  they can't  have another permit.     He                 
  said  he  can't think  of  a good  reason  why organizations                 
  should be limited to do business at one location.                            
  SENATOR ZHAROFF suggested  that because the  bill now has  a                 
  fiscal note, it  may also need a  Finance referral, although                 
  he disagrees that there is the  need for an additional staff                 
  person.  The  Chairman said he  would request an  additional                 
  referral to the Finance Committee.                                           
  Number 525                                                                   
  CHAIRMAN RANDY  PHILLIPS pointed  out that the  bill has  at                 
  least two more  committees of referral  where some of  these                 
  problems  can be worked out.  He then asked for the pleasure                 
  of the committee.                                                            
  SENATOR TAYLOR moved that  SB 95 be passed out  of committee                 
  with individual  recommendations.  Hearing no  objection, it                 
  was so ordered.                                                              

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