Legislature(1993 - 1994)

03/09/1993 09:06 AM CRA

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  CHAIRMAN RANDY PHILLIPS  introduced HB  73 (ANCSA STATE  TAX                 
  EXEMPTIONS) as the first order of business.                                  
  RENA BUCKOVICH,  staff  to  Representative  Eileen  MacLean,                 
  explained that the legislation was introduced to bring state                 
  law  into  compliance  regarding  the  exemption  of   ANCSA                 
  property from taxation.  In 1987, federal law was changed to                 
  continue the property  tax exemption from federal,  state or                 
  local taxation on ANCSA land until  development occurs.  The                 
  bill reflects those changes in state law to  avoid confusion                 
  in the application of the state's tax laws.                                  
  Ms.  Buckovich  said  that  in  the  drafting  process,  the                 
  attorney noted other sections of state  law which need to be                 
  updated and  has included those  changes in HB 73.   For the                 
  most  part,  they represent  technical or  stylistic wording                 
  changes to update state law to federal law.                                  
  HB  73  does  not  expand  or  reduce  any benefits  already                 
  mandated by federal law.  It merely cleans up state law, and                 
  ensures  that  obsolete  state  statutes   do  not  lead  to                 
  misinterpretation by  state assessors  and  others who  work                 
  with Alaska's tax law.                                                       
  Ms.  Buckovich said  that  to her  knowledge,  there are  no                 
  problems or  concerns with  the legislation  and that  it is                 
  primarily housekeeping in nature.                                            
  There being no other witnesses present  to testify on HB 73,                 
  the Chairman asked for the pleasure of the committee.                        
  SENATOR TAYLOR moved that  HB 73 be passed out  of committee                 
  with individual  recommendations.  Hearing no  objection, it                 
  was so ordered.                                                              

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