Legislature(1993 - 1994)

03/04/1993 09:14 AM CRA

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  The first item on  the agenda was SB 102  MUNICIPAL PROPERTY                 
  TAX EXEMPTIONS).                                                             
  RUPE ANDREWS, a member of the Capital City Task Force of the                 
  American  Association  of  Retired  Persons,  stated   their                 
  opposition to SB 102.  The task force feels that even though                 
  there are some  real concerns on the part of municipalities,                 
  a property tax is warranted  for disabled veterans in Alaska                 
  and for the senior citizens.                                                 
  Mr. Andrews  said it has  a been  policy to keep  our senior                 
  citizens  in Alaska and  for them  to be  able to  remain in                 
  their  homes.    He  suggested  that  the  legislature,  the                 
  Administration and the  senior themselves have to  develop a                 
  more  comprehensive policy, and, to that end, perhaps a task                 
  force  could be  formed to  see how  some  specific policies                 
  towards the senior citizens of the state can be formulated.                  
  Number 105                                                                   
  DUANE  GUILEY,  Director of  School  Finance, Department  of                 
  Education, informed the  committee that  the department  had                 
  made an error on the fiscal note provided with SB 102.    He                 
  stated   the department would prepared a revised fiscal note                 
  based on the legislation as it currently exists.                             

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