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03/21/1995 05:20 PM WTR

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 HWTR - 03/21/95                                                               
 HJR 30 - AMEND US CONSTIT. TO LIMIT FED. COURTS                             
 Number 019                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE AL VEZEY, sponsor of the measure, stated that HJR 30           
 is to petition the Congress of the United States to prepare and               
 present to the legislatures of all the states an amendment to the             
 Constitution of the United States.  This amendment would prohibit             
 the Supreme Court or any inferior court of the U.S. from ordering             
 a state or political subdivision of a state to levy or increase               
 taxes.  This resolution comes as a request from the office of                 
 Representative Bill Skaggs, from Missouri.  This effort was brought           
 about by a court case in Missouri, whereby the Supreme Court                  
 mandated the city of Kansas City to charge a tax to fund                      
 desegregation expenses ordered by the courts.  Presently there are            
 ten states which have introduced a similar resolution.                        
 Number 035                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE GAIL PHILLIPS made a motion that the committee pass            
 HJR 30 out of committee with individual recommendations.                      
 REPRESENTATIVE ELDON MULDER made a motion to move a zero fiscal               
 CHAIRMAN BARNES called for the question.  Hearing no objection, HJR
 30 passed out of committee.                                                   

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