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 HCR 29 - STUDENT CONTEST TO NAME NEW FERRY                                  
 Number 522                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE WILLIAMS, sponsor of HCR 29, read a statement into             
 the record, "HCR was introduced to encourage the participation of             
 elementary students across the state in naming the new Alaska                 
 Marine Highway vessel.                                                        
 Vessels of the Alaska Marine Highway System are, by law, required             
 to be named after glaciers in the state.  With the introduction of            
 this resolution I hope to involve the elementary students of Alaska           
 in this process.  This will give teachers in the state a vehicle to           
 implement lessons about transportation systems in the state,                  
 geography of the state and the legislative process.                           
 The information contained in the resolution outlines the importance           
 of the Alaska Marine Highway to the state economy.  The christening           
 of a new vessel illustrates the continuing dedication to the system           
 by the state.  Because the Alaska Marine Highway impacts the                  
 economy of the entire state, I believe it is important to involve             
 the entire state in the naming of this vessel.  I encourage you to            
 support this legislation."                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE WILLIAMS made a motion to adopt proposed Amendment             
 REPRESENTATIVE LONG objected for purposes of discussion and asked             
 whether Amendment 1 would require the addition of a fiscal note.              
 REPRESENTATIVE  WILLIAMS deferred the question to Mr. Kito.                   
 Number 606                                                                    
 SAM S. KITO, Legislative Liaison/Special Assistant, Office of the             
 Commissioner, Department of Transportation and Public Facilities              
 (DOT/PF), testified on HCR 29.  He said the DOT/PF felt that giving           
 one free passage to one person would not have any appreciable                 
 fiscal impact.                                                                
 Number 623                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE BRICE questioned the fiscal impact on a student from           
 Barrow winning the contest.                                                   
 MR. KITO said that DOT/PF could assume those fiscal costs.                    
 The objection to Amendment 1 was withdrawn.  Hearing no further               
 objection Amendment 1 was adopted into HCR 29 by the House Standing           
 Committee on Transportation.                                                  
 REPRESENTATIVE JAMES made a motion to move CSHCR 29 (TRA) with                
 individual recommendations and zero fiscal note.  Hearing no                  
 objections CSHCR 29 (TRA) was moved from the House Standing                   
 Committee on Transportation.                                                  

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