Legislature(1997 - 1998)

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HB 359 - HEALTH INSURANCE REGULATION                                           
Number 0259                                                                    
CHAIR JAMES announced the next order of business is HB 359, "An Act            
relating to regulation of health insurance plans; and providing for            
an effective date."                                                            
CHAIR JAMES noted HB 359 was heard in the Children's Caucus and                
needs to hear tapes and have them put into the record.  She                    
indicated she would listen to them and move HB 359 on Tuesday.                 
Number 0262                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE RYAN explained his staff was instructed to get them             
to her right away.  He also mentioned there's supposed to be a                 
committee substitute.                                                          
REPRESENTATIVE RYAN noted there was a fiscal note on his aid's                 
chair from the Division of Insurance (Department of Commerce and               
Economic Development) with an aggregate of $101,000.  He said, "I              
called the department and asked for an explanation of the note and             
they felt that the AG (Attorney General) would have to defend, and             
there was $34,000 worth of travel, the staff person would have to              
be hired for this committee even though the legislation doesn't say            
anything about providing staff - the review committee.  So I had               
asked to be prepared a committee substitute which holds the review             
committee harmless, there's no need for AG defense.  And since                 
there was no staff required we will put that in language that there            
is no staff required.  The curious thing about that, I called the              
Governor's legislative liaison and said that I'd kind of like the              
fiscal notes in a more timely manner, especially when they have                
that kind of an impact.  I was assured that that would take place              
and that it wouldn't happen again.  But, my aid received a call                
from the Division of Insurance that I had asked for someone front              
and center to come down and explain that note to the committee.                
And I was told that person would have to be subpoenaed.  So I plan             
on asking the Speaker for subpoena power ... and then I further am             
going to call the Governor's legislative liaison and ask why I was             
told to get a witness from the Administration to explain the fiscal            
note, we have to exercise subpena power."                                      
Number 0279                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE VEZEY made a motion to adopt a State Affairs                    
Committee fiscal note of zero.                                                 
CHAIR JAMES asked if there were any objections to adopting a zero              
fiscal note.                                                                   
Number 0282                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE ELTON objected.  He noted, after hearing the benefit            
of the testimony that was taken in the Children's Caucus, it might             
be a better time to decide on what the fiscal note may be.                     
Representative Elton said he thinks this is a little bit                       
precipitous today and indicated he wouldn't object to the motion               
when more information in front of us.                                          
Number 0290                                                                    
CHAIR JAMES requested a roll call vote adopting a State Affairs                
Committee zero fiscal note.  Representatives Hodgins, Vezey, Ivan,             
James voted in support of the motion.  Representative Elton opposed            
it.  Therefore, the motion passed by a vote of 4-1.                            
Number 0293                                                                    
CHAIR JAMES announced the bill will be carried over to Tuesday.                
She asked Representative Ryan to provide a copy of the committee               
substitute and a copy of that fiscal note.  She said she will                  
provide a synopsis of the Children's Caucus hearing because                    
minutes aren't taken in Children's Caucuses.                                   

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