Legislature(1997 - 1998)

05/08/1997 08:00 AM STA

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HB 265 - REPORTS & RECORDS OF & TO STATE AGENCIES                              
CHAIR JAMES announced the first order of business was House Bill               
265, "An Act relating to pamphlets, publications, plans, and                   
records of state agencies; and relating to reports to and from                 
state agencies and the governor."                                              
CHAIR JAMES stressed that it was her desire to move HB 265 out of              
Number 0062                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE IVAN IVAN made a motion to move HB 265 from the                 
committee with the attached fiscal note(s).                                    
CHAIR JAMES indicated that everybody likes the bill on both sides              
of the issue.  However, she noted a proposed committee substitute              
was being offered.                                                             
Number 0090                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE IVAN withdrew his motion to move HB 265 out of                  
committee.  There was no objection.                                            
Number 0140                                                                    
CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT, Researcher to Representative Terry Martin,                 
testified on behalf of Representative Martin, sponsor of HB 265.               
Mr. Knight said, "The difference between the CS and the original               
bill is just -- in a couple of areas on an E-mail between a staffer            
of ours, John Manly, and the Governor's Office, Angelo Woodenpoogle            
(ph) - and it just points to two little sections that weren't                  
repealed.  But the departments wanted them repealed.  That's the               
only difference, a small technical change."                                    
Number 0174                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE FRED DYSON moved to adopt the proposed committee                
substitute for HB 265, 0-LS0927\E, as the working document.  There             
was no objection, that version was before the committee.                       
Number 0197                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE IVAN made a motion to move the proposed committee               
substitute for HB 265, version 0-LS0927\E, out of committee with               
individual recommendations and attached fiscal note(s).  There                 
being no objection, CSHB 265(STA) moved from the House State                   
Affairs Standing Committee.                                                    

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