Legislature(1995 - 1996)

02/27/1996 08:42 AM STA

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 HCR 25 - 381ST INTELL.SQUADRON DIVISION DAY                                 
 The next order of business to come before the House State Affairs             
 Committee was HCR 25.                                                         
 CHAIR JAMES called on George Dozier, Legislative Assistant to                 
 Representative Pete Kott, to present the sponsor statement.                   
 Number 1477                                                                   
 GEORGE DOZIER, Legislative Assistant to Representative Pete Kott,             
 said HCR 25 declared May 15, 1996 as the 381st Intelligence                   
 Squadron Logistics Division Day.  The Division was stationed out of           
 Anchorage and had received numerous awards.  He cited the Air Force           
 Outstanding Logistics Plans and Program Award, the Lieutenant                 
 General Leo Marquez Award, the General Thomas P. Gerrity Award for            
 Outstanding Logistics, and the Honorable Dudley Sharp Award.  He              
 said the Division was outstanding in its field and deserved a day             
 to set aside for it.                                                          
 Number 1530                                                                   
 REPRESENTATIVE WILLIS moved that HCR 25 move from the committee               
 with individual recommendations and attached zero fiscal note.                
 Hearing no objection, it was so moved from the House State Affairs            

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