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03/28/1995 08:10 AM STA

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 HSTA - 03/28/95                                                               
 SCR 9 - TWENTY-SEVENTH ANNUAL GIRLS' STATE                                   
 SCR 10 - TWENTY-NINTH ANNUAL BOYS' STATE                                     
 SENATOR JOHN TORGERSON read his sponsor statement for SCR 9 and               
 SCR 10.                                                                       
 "I have requested these two concurrent resolutions because I                 
 am a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and                      
 also a member of the American Legion.  Senate Concurrent                      
 Resolutions 9 and 10 applaud the sponsors and the                             
 participants of the twenty-ninth annual Girls' and Boys'                      
 State Programs.  These programs work toward bringing an                       
 increased awareness of the roles young men and women have in                  
 the future of our state.  The annual program sponsored by                     
 the American Legion and the Auxiliary as well as other                        
 cooperating organizations do not receive governmental or                      
 taxpayer monetary support but rather are completely                           
 organized through volunteer efforts.  Without question, the                   
 organizers of this annual event are to be congratulated and                   
 recognized.  Their commitment to preparing our young men and                  
 women is outstanding, and I would urge your support for                       
 these resolutions."                                                           
 Number 056                                                                    
 CHAIR JAMES noted the arrival of Representative Willis.                       
 REPRESENTATIVE JOE GREEN added, for the record, he could not                  
 think of a finer place for young people to go than Boys' State or             
 Girls' State.  He went when he was young and it was a tremendous              
 experience where he learned a great deal about government.                    
 Number 073                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE ED WILLIS agreed with Representative Green, adding             
 as a Legionnaire he was privileged to attend and participate in               
 Boys' State last year.  It was a tremendous experience.  One of               
 his sons attended Boys' State years ago and benefitted greatly.               
 He urged support for the resolutions.                                         
 Number 101                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE CAREN ROBINSON asked why they should use a                     
 resolution and not a citation.                                                
 CHAIR JAMES replied a resolution was a little higher honor than a             
 REPRESENTATIVE SCOTT OGAN made a motion to move SJR 9 and SJR 10              
 out of committee.                                                             
 CHAIR JAMES added she had participated in Girls' State in                     
 Fairbanks recently, doing their inauguration twice and giving                 
 educational speeches to the group.  They are a fine group of                  
 young ladies, and she added her support to the resolutions.                   
 Number 128                                                                    
 CHAIR JAMES repeated there was a motion to move the resolutions,              
 with unanimous consent and zero fiscal notes.  There were no                  
 objections, so SJR 9 and SJR 10 were moved from the State Affairs             

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