Legislature(1993 - 1994)

02/06/1993 08:00 AM House STA

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  HB 36:  RETIREMENT INCENTIVE PROGRAM                                         
  DAVE CHATTERTON said HB 36 resulted in millions of dollars                   
  being saved in previous years.                                               
  THAIS THOMAS, a teacher, said, "I won't be able to                           
  participate, but I am speaking on behalf of my friends.                      
  There are people who have put in a lot of years teaching.                    
  HB 36 provides the possibility to enhance their options to                   
  make choices."                                                               
  Number 678                                                                   
  GENE SMART, NIKISKI TEACHER, provided information obtained                   
  from an audit report.  RIP program 82 saved 2 million in 89,                 
  saved almost 2 million.  Section 2 part B of bill 93-94, was                 
  a shortfall of the budget.  We have no money to hire                         
  additional teachers.  I quote "No teaching positions,"                       
  inabilities.  Pretty scary, when $46,000 out of the                          
  equipment.  Two teacher positions will be cut.  Affording                    
  one for each five budget teachers.  All be in favor of HB
  36.  Last Saturday's excerpt, Terry Martin said it was a                     
  brain drain.  First and second year teachers may lose their                  
  jobs.  It will save our district lots of money.  University                  
  of Alaska's alumni supported, instead of seeing graduates go                 
  elsewhere, they'll have incentive to stay in our state and                   
  CHAIRMAN VEZEY encouraged written testimony.                                 
  REPRESENTATIVE G. DAVIS asked, "Do you have the number of                    
  who is eligible for RIP this year, should it pass?"                          
  MR. SMART replied "Around 50-80 teachers."                                   
  PATRICK WILLIAMS, PALMER CORRECTIONAL CENTER, spoke in                       
  support of HB 36.  He said, "This will help alleviate                        
  burnout which creates inefficiency."                                         
  BILL MUNROE who was representing 100 employees, stated HB 36                 
  would save a great deal of money, and the money could be                     
  used to hire new teachers.                                                   
  FRANK PRICE, testified on behalf of INLAND BOATMEN'S                         
  ASSOCIATION, which represents unlicensed crewmen of the                      
  Alaska Marine Highway, in favor of HB 36.  He said, "If the                  
  bill passed everyone will not be able to use it.  We can                     
  only use it to save money.  Why not pass it if it can only                   
  save money?"                                                                 
  Number 347                                                                   

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